Mideast moratorium lifted


Looks like the Concordia Board of Governors is caving to the pressure of the CSU and the leftist nitwits. According to breaking news on the Link, the moratorium on mideast events on campus has been lifted.

This moratorium, you will recall, was imposed after a violent mob rioted on September 9th to prevent former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking on campus. It was successful as far as that went – if you call shutting down free speech by rioting a “success” as pain in the butt activist Jaggi Singh says. (Note the publication: the Montreal Muslim News – claims that this protest had nothing to do with the Muslim community starting to ring a little hollow?). Since that day, those involved in punching, spitting, pushing, shoving, assault, flag-burning, window-smashing, desk-throwing, and crying “death to the Jews” have been trying to get the moratorium lifted, claiming to champion free speech.

Hey CSU: Free speech means freedom for everyone, not just for the people you agree with. We’ll take your lesson in civil liberty a lot more seriously when you stop being such hypcrites.

As for the Concordia BOG and admin: show some backbone, for godssakes! This whole episode has only given the “activists” a convenient scapegoat, and then granted them a victory. That’s about as spineless as it gets. Want to show some guts? Invite Netanyahu back to Concordia. There’s a time to back down, and there’s a time to stand up for what’s right. Concordia has become an international symbol of mob rule, hatred, and violence. There are many kinds of lessons learned in a university, most of which get taught outside the classroom. One of them needs to be the lesson that freedom of speech applies to your friends as well as your foes, and that violence is an unacceptable means of protest. Every time we back down to those employing violence as a means, we encourage it all that much more.

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