Miss World quits Nigeria


In yet another sorry example of mob rule, the Miss World Pageant has quit Nigeria in response to riots. It will now be held in London, where presumably it will offend less fundamentalist Muslims.

Now, I’m no particular fan of beauty pageants, but rioting against this one cost 105 people their lives. The cost was even higher when you factor in the fact that this is yet another victory for those who choose violence as a means of expression. Like the cancelled Netanyahu speech at Concordia, it seems that the only people left with freedom are people who riot.

If they keep winning, they’ll keep resorting to violence, and sooner or later the whole world will be under Sha’ira (Islamic law) because nobody had the guts to fight back. It is okay to object to something. It’s NOT okay to violently force everyone to think the way you do, or to act according to your wishes.

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