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Not such a moron after all

Via Stephanie: Our idiot PM now says that he doesn’t think Dubya’s such a moron after all.

Apparently, Jean Chrétien’s communications director made a comment to that effect, speaking at a NATO summit in Prague. I guess Chrétien realized that maybe it’s not such a great idea to go around trading insults with the leader of the world’s most powerful nation, because he countered with this statement: “He (Bush) is a friend of mine, he is not a moron at all”.

Great. Some apology. Remind me again how this guy got elected THREE TIMES??? And remind me again what I was thinking by actually VOTING for him last time around . . . I mean, this guy doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, and has the worst case of foot-in-mouth disease of anyone I’ve ever heard . . . shouldn’t we expect better from our politicians? I admit to making my share of Bush jokes – who hasn’t – but at least he can get a sentence out without lauding terrorists, calling presidents names, or inciting back-bench revolt among his own party.

Somebody put this guy out to pasture. Fast.

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