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She knows a thing or two about morons

Tommy Schnurmacher gives his take on Françoise Ducros, PM Jean Chrétien’s communications director who reportedly called US President Bush a moron:

She’s the communications director for Chrétien, the man who said that ‘a proof is a proof is a proof is a proof’. I guess she knows a thing or two about morons.

Point taken.

Granted, she was probably voicing her own opinion with the “moron” comment and expected it to be off the record. But by refusing to reprimand her, Chrétien is tacitly approving – or at least not disapproving – of her comments. Remember, this is Canada’s equivalent to (West Wing character) C.J. Cregg that we’re talking about, not just some random citizen. it’s her job to watch carefully what words come out of her mouth – especially in a room full of journalists, for crying out loud, while representing Canada in an international summit. This is what taxpayer dollars pay her a salary to do. I mean, fine, if you don’t want to fire her on principle, at the very least, fire her for severe and total incompetence!

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