UQAM cancels speech by Israeli journalist


Thought it was just Concordia, did you? Well, now the Université de Québec à Montréal is throwing its hat into the ring of anti-Israel universities. The Gazette reports that a scheduled talk by Israeli journalist Gideon Kouts has been cancelled. The stated reasons are technical problems in space booking and “complaints over ads for the event”. In other words, the pro-Palestinian lobby put pressure on the university to shut this down, and it caved.

(Kouts) said he is surprised and more than a little mystified by the university’s decision to scrap his appearance. “I’m not inciting anyone. I’ve never killed anyone. I’m just a journalist and a university professor who was coming to talk to Jewish and non-Jewish students about my experience (in Beirut),” said Kouts, who was to speak tomorrow.

Hillel’s ads for the event consisted of posters and handbills showing a Star of David with a slash through it, and the words “De Durban à Beyrouth, l’exclusion d’Israel et des juifs”. Looks like Montreal has to be added to that list now too.

Kouts is the same journalist who had his credentials revoked at the Francophonie Summit last October for being Israeli and filing reports with an Israeli TV station. Anyone in Lebanon with Israeli nationality is subject to arrest and deportation. So Kouts is no stranger to controversy. But he’s still perplexed at the turn of events at UQÀM.

“In my mind, it’s censorship. It astounds me that this could happen in a free city like Montreal . . . I’ve never had this happen in France or in any Arab country I’ve visited,” Kouts said.

Kouts will deliver his speech at the Federation CJA Building instead, but won’t have the opportunity to address students.

This is a clear case of censorship and the repression of the right to free speech. Just like at Concordia, pro-Israel speakers and students at UQÀM are having their rights trampled on. This needs to be fought wherever and whenever it happens.

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1 Shlinkin 12.08.02 at 7:23 PM

The anti-juifs are in a total panic in Montreal. They know there is a truth that differs from their hate, and they can’t let it out.

Did the Hillel apologize yet?


2 Meryl Yourish 12.08.02 at 8:20 PM

The article said “Though it was once a full-fledged club at the school, Hillel has let its accreditation lapse”.

How? Were they forced out, too, like CSU’s Hillel? I find it difficult to believe they just stopped being a full-fledged club.


3 segacs 12.08.02 at 9:00 PM

I honestly have no idea. I don’t think there’s a very large Jewish population at UQAM, but maybe someone from Hillel would like to address this question?


4 Lent 12.08.02 at 10:10 PM

“”complaints over ads for the event”. ”

Hmmm. I wonder by whom?


5 Hanthala 12.08.02 at 10:12 PM

An interesting point that I read in one of the reports on this issue this morning: the event was not going to be open to all students. Wonder why they felt it was necessary to advertize all over school? Rub our noses in the fact that Hillel can hold segregated events using public space any time it wants?


6 Peter 12.08.02 at 11:59 PM

I guess that Arab violence or the
threat thereof triumphs again.


7 Shlinkin 12.09.02 at 12:25 AM

Hanthala, if you are so concerned about people hating arabs, why do you insist on sounding like a stereotypical jealous anti-semite in everyone of your silly messages? Its as if you are from central casting, trying to make arabs look bad.

And no, Hanthala, don’t respond with your typical “racist” crap. I am not racist against arabs, as my friends Mustafa and Nadeem will testify. I AM racist against jew killers, and that’s EXACTLY what you smell like (or aspire to smell like…).


8 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 12:33 AM

Hey Slinky, you are a racist. I sound like an antisemite? Why? Because I dare to complain about being told “no sandniggers allowed” by the Hillel when it hosts an anti-Arab hate monger on my campus? According to you, anytime someone dares complain about Hillel-B’nai Brith racism (I’m working a chronology–post it soon) they are an antisemite.


9 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 1:56 AM

I complain about racism because Hillel and B’nai Brith use Canadian anti-Arab sentiment to score points. It seems that you have taken up their habits as well. I find THAT pathetic (as well as your foul mouth). When you/they stop doing that, I’ll stop talking about your racism.

“[t]he propoganda you read in your squalid little newspapers…” Do you mean the Gazette and the National Post. Yes, the Asper Empire makes me nauseous. Is that what you meant by “your” little newspapers? If not, please explain. I’m afraid that your statement contains a (gasp!) racist assumption. Can you tell what it is?

“The whole Montreal and Canada knows who the racists are…” Yes, indeed, despite Asper propaganda, most Canadians are waking up to the fact that the Hillel-B’nai Brith-Canada-Israel-Committee tag team relies on racism to make its arguments. Congratulations Slinky.


10 Shlinkin 12.09.02 at 2:47 AM

No, hanthaliar, the BB does not “score points,” the BB defends jews against anti-semites and genocidal terrorists. Just because you support those two vile classes doesn’t make those who fight your terrorism and jew hatred “racists.” I call them “heros.”
By “your” newspapers,I mean the newspapers read by terrorist supporters in North America. Does the heading “our enemies the jews” come to mind?

Finally, after your typical whine about racism, you then accuse the jews of controlling the media. As if it requires a zionist conspiracyto realize what a sh*thole the CUS and SPHR have made COncordia.


11 Peter 12.09.02 at 2:52 AM

more news about Concordia on IsraelNationalNews.com
It includes quotes of Joseph and Lee
on CBC.


Also, it includes a link to an online
petition demanding the resignation of
the CSU. I urge everyone to sign it.
I just did.

Here is the link;


12 Dave 12.09.02 at 2:55 AM

“no sandniggers allowed”

What are you babbeling about Hanthala? Hillel has never held a restricted event on campus ever anywhere. There were Arabs at both the Netanyahu speech and at the press conference. Anyone can be on the Hillel email list and, not unbeknownst to Hillel, SPHR members are on that list and receive notice of all events, which they are free to attend. Enough with the bullsh*t please.


13 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 3:00 AM

Yeah, enough bullshit Dave. You and I both know that the Netanyahu event was off limits to Arabs, Muslims, and known Jewish dissenters among the student body.

My terrorism, Slinky? OK, you’re a nutbar. Later.


14 Dave 12.09.02 at 3:11 AM

Hanthala. I was there. Inside the Room 101 in the Hall building and at the Ritz Carelton for the press conference. Arabs were at both places. I also spoke to a member of the SPHR who told me she and others were on the Hillel email list. Where were you? Unless of course you want to call me a liar. But please, I invite you to attend whatever Hillel event you like.

I was in the Hall building last week during the Chanukah candle lighting ceremony. There I witnessed Laith Marouf (hope I spelt that right) clapping along to the Chanukah songs. I saw Aaron Maté singing along to the Hanukah prayers. They attended and participated unmolested.

Seriously Hanthala. When I say stop with the bullsh*t, I mean it. Stop with the bullsh*t.


15 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 3:17 AM

It isn’t bullshit Dave. That SPHR person may be on the Hillel mailing list, but she and the rest of us definitely were not ticket holders for the Netanyahu event, though many of tried for tickets on the first day. So did the MSA students. “Sold out” we were told.

In any case, do you think that asking students for ID numbers and other personal info fits within the spirit of a public university? Especially when we remember that during the CSU General Assembly in the fall 2000 or early winter 2001, Hillel, specifically Josh Margo, was caught taking pictures of the sign up sheets–I wonder what the lists were used for?


16 Talia 12.09.02 at 3:30 AM

Here’s a question for all of you (and i am a concordia student). Do you honestly think anything will be achieved by this yelling/name calling back and forth? Both sides seem quite clear to be set in their ways so what is it going to gain rather then get those involved more riled up? Just a thought.


17 segacs 12.09.02 at 3:38 AM

Incidentally, I was unable to attend the Netanyahu event but some of my Jewish and very much Zionist friends tried for tickets too and were ALSO told “sold out”. Guess why? Because it WAS sold out!

Peter, an online petition to outst the CSU will accomplish next to nothing. Only a pen-and-paper petition signed by at least 10% of the undergraduate student body can recall the CSU exec and force a by-election. This was done in September 2001. Sabrina Stea handed in her resignation right before a petition with 3,200 (valid) undergraduate signatures was to be handed in to recall her executive to election. Elections were held in November 2001 and the Representative Union, headed by Chris Schulz, won, but the results were annulled thanks to a frame-up and the incompetance of the chief electoral officer.

If you want to try that again, you’re welcome to. Good luck. It’s not easy.


18 Shlinkin 12.09.02 at 3:43 AM

Keep the CSU as they are. They are way better at shooting themselves in the foot than anything we can do. They are the laughing stock of Montreal, Canada, and the USA. I joke not – many people who know I was once connected to Hate (Con) U have heard this story.


19 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 3:51 AM

Good question Talia and the answer is probably not but I get a kick out of drawing out the racism involved in the Hillel discourse. I also get a better appreciation for how this racism works and how it is linked to broader discourses in Canadian society.


20 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 3:51 AM

Segacs, the difference is that the tickets were “sold out” to us before they even went on sale.


21 Dave 12.09.02 at 3:57 AM

Hanthala – please. Look at a dictionary definition of racism and then please explain to me what sort of systemic racism is expressed by Hillel. You keep blathering on about racism and I have no idea what you’re talking about…


22 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 4:04 AM

OK Dave. In general, I’m talking about Hillel’s discourse on “the Arabs.” By the way, there was a lot of it on this website until about an hour ago but Segacs went over it with the censorship scisors. I’ll give you a more detailed explanation tomorow, I’m too tired tonite.


23 Dave 12.09.02 at 4:10 AM

Weak. Very weak Hanthala. Nothing that goes on in this forum has anything to do with Hillel. Last Thursday I saw Ariella Cotler, Chairman of the Hillel Board of Directors, take Laith around the shoulders and invite him in to the Hanukah celebrations.

In fact, If your ever hungry, zap me an email and I’ll gladly spot you a lunch at Hillel. Bring Andre, Laith and Samer. We’ll talk about those f*cking Habs…

You’ll see. It’s not some seething cauldron of anti-arab/muslim hatred. It’s just a bunch of goofy students doing goofy student stuff.


24 Hanthala 12.09.02 at 4:38 AM

Dave, I’ll write it up and then we’ll talk OK. As for Cotler, give me a break. That woman went around spewing lies about some key chain she bought from SPHR. I saw her on the way into the auditorium and she wouldn’t so much as look at us, much less put her arm around any of us.

More to the point is that I don’t think most Hillel members and supporters realize the racism of their discourse. Some do, I won’t use names, and they are the frightening ones. The rest are just tagging along.


25 Dave 12.09.02 at 8:55 AM

Hanthala wrote:
“Dave, I’ll write it up and then we’ll talk OK.”

Uh. Ok.

Hanthala added:
“As for Cotler, give me a break. That woman went around spewing lies about some key chain she bought from SPHR. I saw her on the way into the auditorium and she wouldn’t so much as look at us, much less put her arm around any of us.”

Dude. I know what I saw. She put her arm around Leith and walked into the room with him. And as far as the keychain thing goes, I don’t know anything about that, but Leith did, after the event, call everyone in the room (I presume he didn’t mean you and your gang) a bunch of fascists. He said “Everyone in there is a fascist.” On top of showing a marked ignorance of what fascism is, not to mention incredible insensitivity to descendants of by far the biggest victims of fascism, it was just not a very nice thing to say.

Hanthala added:
“More to the point is that I don’t think most Hillel members and supporters realize the racism of their discourse. Some do, I won’t use names, and they are the frightening ones. The rest are just tagging along.”

Once again. You are lecturing me on racism without specifying what it is exactly that you mean. Is Hillel “racist” towards members of the Arab race? I don’t think so. I, and many members of Hillel, have more in common racially and a lot in common culturally with members of the Arab “race.” So I don’t think it’s about race.

Can people be offended, in your learned opinion, with those who support and encourage the targetting of civilians in the course of armed conflict? Are people allowed to be disgusted by the recruitment of suicide bombers to carry out such acts? May people express their indignation at a partner in peace who is neither a partner nor interested in peace? Might people be allowed to be alarmed at a significant political and religious movement who wishes nothing more than their complete eradication? Can people do all this without being racist? Can they?

Please let me know. I am waiting with bated breath.


26 Jonathan Edelstein 12.09.02 at 12:48 PM

It looks like Hanthala is the flip side of the “criticism of Israel equals anti-Semitism” point of view – her view is that any support of Israel and/or criticism of Palestinians is racism. People complain a great deal about critics of Israel being silenced by being called anti-Semites, but I don’t see much of that actually going on. On the other hand, I do see quite a bit of anti-racist rhetoric used to silence _supporters_ of Israel, such as what’s going on now at Concordia.



27 Peter 12.09.02 at 5:14 PM

I think it is racist to use terms like
“occupied palestine” and “war criminal”
which is constantly being bandied about
by the pro-pal crowd without even being
able to debate whether these accusations
are true.

The pro-pal crowd doesn’t want to debate
they just want to use a lexicon of victimization.


28 Lent 12.09.02 at 5:36 PM

“More to the point is that I don’t think most Hillel members and supporters realize the racism of their discourse. Some do, I won’t use names, and they are the frightening ones. ”

No, we’ll just depend on your stellar characterizations of their discourse. In the meantime, your discourse is fraught with vacuous rhetoric about “oppressed” Palestinians, blah, blah, blah. I’m sure the more you “discourse” the more unconvinced people will be in reading your missives. So discourse along.


29 Shlinkin 12.09.02 at 10:57 PM

Very simple. Hanthala defines racist as anyone who disagrees with her. End of story.


30 Shlinkin 12.09.02 at 11:59 PM

Hanthala, here is some racism you might want to comment on. Its from the fun loving middle east, my dear. I got this off LGF – a website that will drive you nuts.

Enjoy, my dear, enjoy.

Last Friday the sheikhs and imams of the Arab world bid farewell to the month of Ramadan, calling on the faithful to think of the needy, and calling on God to “inflict his might” on the Zionists and make them booty for Muslims.

From the holy mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia:

“O God, support our brother mujahidin for your sake in Palestine and elsewhere. O God, we ask you to save Al-Aqsa Mosque from the aggressor and usurper Jews. O God, deal with the Zionist Jews for they are within your power. O God, disperse them and make them a lesson for others and booty for Muslims. O God, inflict your might on the criminal ones.”
From the Shaykh Zayid Bin-Sultan Al Nuhayyan Mosque in Gaza:

Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Najm delivers the sermon, which he begins by thanking God for “cursing the brothers of apes and pigs” until doomsday and warning Muslims “of their evil and arrogance.” He cites the Koranic verse that refers to “Jews” as the most hostile. He also hails Prophet Muhammad, “the imam of the mujahidin and strugglers, who fought Jews and expelled them from the Arabian Peninsula.”

Continuing, the imam says it is not strange for Jews to carry out massacres and invasions even on Muslim religious holidays. This, he adds, has always been their hostile attitude toward Muslims, who only demand their rights. He also says that it is not strange for Jews, who tried to kill the prophet, to kill Palestinians after placing them under siege, beginning with their leader. “Our leader,” the imam adds, “is unfairly besieged not only by our enemies, but also by those who provide them with political, military, economic, cover.”

The imam says that the United States sponsors world terrorism and practices all methods of terrorism, especially against Muslims. So what is required of us in the Holy Land and the Arab and Islamic nation is to unite and fight solidly, he says. We must rise above our differences, he adds.

The imam emphasizes the need for unity and says: “Muslims are being besieged, killed, and butchered. Our kinfolk and brothers in Iraq are being besieged. The so-called United States fabricates allegations and lies in order to wage war on them. If Muslims do not support their brothers in Palestine and Iraq, there will come a day when it would be too late to regret our inactivity. For they will swallow us up one by one, Muslim after Muslim, country after country, and seize our resources.”
From president Hafiz al-Asad’s mosque in Damascus, Syria:

The imam asks Muslims as they celebrate the feast to think about the ones “displaced by imperialism and sinful, criminal Zionism” in Palestine. The Islamic and Arab nation, he adds, is “waging a very serious battle and passing through an important and critical phase, the phase of life or death. The enemies have attacked the lands, desecrated holy places, violated sanctities, and sowed corruption on earth.” “Jihad,” he affirms, “has become a duty for everyone who can help with his or her soul and money. Every individual must be ready to become a soldier fighting with his soul. Sacrifice of spirit is the most expensive thing for the best aim of saving the countries and freeing the holy lands from the occupier tyrants. Every rich person has a duty to spend his money as much as possible in order to supply the resistance with the modern weapons that will help them remain steadfast against the enemies and end their aggression.” Arabs and Muslims have never succumbed to invaders, he adds.

“Our nation, will not be intimidated by the United States and those who help Israel openly and secretly,” the imam says, adding: “Let Israel expel peaceful people from their homeland and let it drop its bombs and fire on peaceful villages. It will only face steadfastness, firmness, and bravery, as we believe in our just cause and our right to a free, respectable life.”

The imam says: “Muslims and Arabs in all their countries, and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque which is part of their belief, are called upon to rise as one man and fight with their funds and souls for the sake of freeing their countries and saving Al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy places from the tyrannical Jews.”
From Shaykh Abd-al-Qadir al-Jaylani mosque in Baghdad, Iraq:

“In our jihad against the administration of tyranny and evil today, we represent faith. In its present jihad, Iraq represents faith while the United States represents infidelity. We appeal to our Muslim brothers and tell them the camp of faith is here and the camp of infidelity is in the United States. The faithful is the one who joins the camp of faith under the flag of Allahu Akbar. The hypocrite is the one who fails to express an opinion and the infidel is the one who stands with evil and tyranny. We shall triumph by our dependen


31 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 12:27 AM

Slinky, I’m confused…Its racist when a Syrian or Saudi Sheikh speaks in this manner but it isn’t when a rabbi does it? Is that your argument?

Dave, Cotler certainly never put her arm around Laith’s shoulder. It did not happen and you are lying. I know that and you know that. This leads me to believe that there is absolutely no point to this discussion.


32 Shlinkin 12.10.02 at 12:38 AM

Okay Hanthaliar (note to segacs: she calls me Slinkly, I call her Hanthaliar. Its a gay thing), let’s play your game. Find for me over the PAST YEAR a single example of a single rabbi saying anything remotely as genocidal as these GOVERNMENT APPOINTED hatemongers. Give me an exact quote.

For all I know you might find one or two, some rabbis do say stupid things once in a while (Michael Lerner comes to mind). But I bet any stupid quote was widely condemned, and an apology given. In the hate-filled 22, GOVERNMENT APPOINTED Imam’s splurt thier love on the government dime, and they are all the more popular for it.

Hanthaliar, who are you fooling? its the internet age, baby. All who want to can download the actual hate speeches. From GOVERNMENT APPOINTED Imams. Check out this website:


Who’s lying now? Are you sure its all a conspiracy? Are you really sure? How are you going to wiggle out of this one, my dear?


33 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 1:04 AM

MEMRI, uh-huh, and that’s a credible source. BTW, Rabbi Ovadia. There’s a not-so-obscure racist mofo and, if I’m not mistaken, Israel’s chief rabbi. Other names and quotes are difficult to come by as they tend to save the choicest bits for their Hebrew speeches.


34 Lent 12.10.02 at 1:08 AM

Yes, MEMRI. What about it? Don’t like those translations of all that neo-nazi Jew hatred in the Middle East by those Imams, and the Arabic press, and Arab Islamic leaders? Embarassing, isn’t it? Or is it?


35 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 1:15 AM

I don’t trust your rendition or MEMRI’s. Are the original Arab versions available?


36 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 1:28 AM

And another thing Slinky, assuming that those are authentic translations, why would I be embarrassed? I didn’t make that speech and it wasn’t made by an SPHR guest or anyone SPHR supports.

Hillel, on the other hand, has invited noted racists such as Joseph Farah and Benjamin Netanyahu. It relies on the works of Itamar Marcus, a right-wing American Jewish settler, to argue that Palestinian schools teach hate. Marcus’ studies have long been discredited and anyone with any knowledge of Arabic language can plainly see for themselves that those studies are based on misleading translations.

Hillel has also distributed literature comparing Palestinians to the KKK and insisting that Palestinians don’t exist (they’re “Arabs” like all the other “Arabs”). Those are racist arguments.

Finally, SPHR works to raise awareness of antisemitism. It has included this struggle in its mandate. A number of its speakers have addressed the issue. Hillel, on the other hand, refuses to even agree to not promote anti-Arab racism on campus.


37 Shlinkin 12.10.02 at 1:58 AM

Hanthaliar, you make me so proud. I was wondering how you would try to twist your way out of this, and you hilariously did so again. Let’s review those twists, shall we? Hokay, here we go:

#1. Hanthaliar tries to discredit MEMRI.

This is a very poor argument, as Hanthaliar quickly realized. Go to their website, you can hear their sweet messages of peace (TM) for yourself. Or did those horrible hook nosed jews control those Imam’s as well? Kind of a puppet control on their jaws?

Anyways, Hanthaliar realized she made a small error in judgement. Hence she quickly tries to pull the ball from the bleachers using the following argument:

#2. Since Hanthaliar and the SPHR (Stupid People for Holocaust Revisionism) didn’t make the speech, she is not responsible.

Let’s all get this clear. Hanthaliar feels free to accuse Hillel of racism without the flimsiest wiff of proof, but also refuses to comment when her own people talk like nazi puppets. So much for human rights, hey Hanthaliar?

here’s the best part. Hanthaliar has to always accuse someone of racism in her messages. Otherwise she doesn’t get her stipend or something. Now let’s review Hillel’s horrible racism: distributing literature comparing the “Pals” to the KKK.

So let’s get this straight. Hillel is racist for calling Pals KKK. So what does that make Hanthaliar for calling (basically anyone she disagrees with) a raicst? Why that makes HANTHALIAR a racist, using her own terms of definition.

hanthaliar the racist. Has a ring to it, don’t it?

And puhlease, the only “awareness of anti-semitism” raised by the SPHR is through the practice of it. They are internationally condemned anti-semites, as defined by the dictionary (gee, Hanthaliar, facts sure get in the way, don’t they?)

(Note to my dear hanthaliar: from an abstract debating perspective, there is a point where one should fold one’s position and “Slink” back home. But please stay, you are so much fun, my sweetbun).


38 Peter 12.10.02 at 2:04 AM

Joseph Fara and Benjamin Netanyahu are not
racists. You just don’t like what they
have to say. You use the racism card just
to muzzle ideas that you do not agree

In fact, during the Netanyahu administration,
he publicly spoke out against a Jewish
girl who hung a picture of a pig equating
it with Islam. At the time, Netanyahu said
Islam was an old and great religion. I
think those were his exact words. The
girl by the way got a prison sentence of
three years by the “racist” and “anti-arab”
Israeli authorities for inciting hatred.
If only similar sentences were handed out
to the imams who constantly call for the
death of Jews.

You can speak out against Palestinian terrorism
without being a racist.


39 Shlinkin 12.10.02 at 2:07 AM

I agree, Peter. But I would go one step further. Anyone who doesn’t speak out against Arab terrorism is themselves a racist. Its almost a law of nature. Go to David Duke’s website, or the SPHR’s website. Its all the same, with minor fluctuations.

(new material hanthliar, your chance to keep on chatting without responding to my knockout(s) above. I’m an arrogant one, ain’t I?)


40 Lent 12.10.02 at 2:15 AM

Noted racists Joseph Farah and Netanyahu? LOL! Joseph Farah is an Arab Christian for crying out loud. Stop your lying obfuscating garbage. Face up to the incessant and long standing nazi empathies which Arab Islamics have displayed time and again. As recently as a couple of weeks ago obsessed over their favourite source of Jew-hatred: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This is typically popular material amongst Arab countries including Mein Kampf which has been one of the favourites of the Palestinians for years.


41 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 2:35 AM

No Slinky, I didn’t make any errors in judgement. MEMRI is not exactly reliable and until I’ve reviewed the material that you speak of, I won’t pronounce myself on it.

Your reference to “[my] own people” is racist.

Your statement that SPHR is internationally condemned is as laughable as Simon Wiesenthal’s comments from his home in Vienna on events he has not witnessed and heard of only through B’nai Brith Canada, the Canada-Israel Committee, and the Asper Foundation. Hardly objective sources.

“So let’s get this straight. Hillel is racist for calling Pals KKK.” Affirmative.

Peter, Joseph Farah is a racist for his continuous denial of the existence of Palestinians. This is a direct throwback to early Zionist talk about “A land without people, for a people without land.” The only way you can maintain that this was true is by considering the Palestinians to be sub-human.

Benjamin Netanyahu is also a racist, but you’re right, I might have jumped the gun on this one. Better to just call him a war criminal. After all, it was his government that built the plethora of new settlements following Oslo. He has also puclicly advocated the transfer (read ethnic cleansing) of Palestinians and continues to do so, vowing that there shall never be a Palestinian state.

As for the Jewish girl and the photo as mentioned above, too bad the authorities did not have the same sensitivity to hate crimes when they sentenced a settler to a fine and six months of jail for beating a Palestinian child to death by smashing his head in with the butt of a riffle.

“Anyone who doesn’t speak out against Arab terrorism is themselves a racist.” That’s interesting. Does that mean that anyone who doesn’t speak out against “Jewish terrorism” is also a racist? More than a few SPHR guest speakers have indeed spoken out against suicide bombings, yet I’ve never heard anyone from Hillel decry the terrorism of Israeli settlers, if not of the state of Israel itself, just as I’ve never heard anyone from Hillel condemn war crimes committed by that state.


42 Shlinkin 12.10.02 at 3:57 AM

Hanthaliar, Racist, Racist, Racism, Racism. You have one trick in your portfolio, and its boring your audience.

I seriously don’t know how to respond to you any further. You are a fundementalist name caller. In other words, your only response to any argument is to fling the word “racist.”

But for brute desire to push forward the same load of crap regardless of what anyone tells you, kudos to that. You have some talent for ignoring the truth. You must blush a lot.


43 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 3:58 AM

BTW Slinky, that post you got from LGF is not referenced. I’d say you’re a little to gullible.


44 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 3:59 AM

Nice way to dogdge the issues. Keep your head in the sand.


45 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 4:04 AM

Oh, and here’s another gem from Canadian Jewish News (a more credible source than Charles, poster to the LGF) about Hillel’s parent organization, B’nai Brith, and its leaders:

“Scheinberg said the presence of 250,000 Arabs in Canada “presents a problem for the Jewish community.”
Many Arab immigrants, Scheinberg said, “carry anti-Semitism in their baggage…”

What if I defined “the presence of half a million or so Jews in Canada” as “presenting a problem for the Arab community.” After all, I’d ensue, many Jews “carry anti-Arab racism in their baggage…” Would you not call that racist?


46 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 4:07 AM

Oh yeah, here’s the SOURCE for that comment from Scheinberg:



47 Peter 12.10.02 at 4:08 AM

I disagree with what you say about Netanyahu, Farah and the settlers
(No new seetlements, let alone a “plethora”,
have been set up since 1993 and Netanyahu was only
in power for two years in the Oslo period) but I am not going
to get into that.

But I would just like to say this. I don’t
know what the free speech laws are in
Canada but I am sure they are similar to
our laws here in Her Majesty’s former
colonies, the US of A. Hanthala, wouldn’t
you agree, as a true democrat, a lover
of freedom and a member of the English
speaking peoples, that Mr. Netanyahu
has the right to speak his mind no matter
how vile or detestable a person you think
he is? Must every speaker invited to speak
at Concordia by Hillel first be vetted by
you and the SPHR?


48 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 4:30 AM

No new settlements since 1993? Oh, that’s right, they just expanded existing settlements to accomodate a “natural population growth” of 100% during those years. The Nahal Brigades and their habit of “indirectly” contributing to the establishment of new settlements by increasing population flow to areas “targeted for development” have nothing to do with the doubling of the settler population between 1993 and 2000?

But you’re right, why bother with Netanyahu when Sharon is such an obvious target for war crimes lawsuits. Since Sharon took office in February 2001, 44 new settlement sites have been established in the West Bank; 9 of these were established in the period from March-June 2002. Nahal Brigades anyone?


49 Hanthala 12.10.02 at 4:31 AM

As for free speech/hate speech, I’m still debating that one. But I know one thing, Netanyahu should have been arrested for war crimes the minute he set foot on Canadian soil.


50 Shlinkin 12.10.02 at 4:58 AM

Hanthaliar, you’ve been caught again (sigh). LGF is right here, boobalah:


Frankly, the fact that we continue this stupid conversation, with me attempting to “prove” to you facts most everyone knows as truth, demonstrates the depths of depraveness. You are either one of the more ignorant observers of the middle east, or you are a Denier of Obvious Truths. Because it don’t take no Ph.D. in nutin to figure out simply how bad things are in arabia. Frankly, 70-80% of arabia supports genocide. And I’d – FOR ONCE – like to hear you state you are gainst the type of Genocide YOUR people advocate.

No bull, Hanthaliar. Dare you to say it with no “ifs,” “buts,” or “diclaimers.” Can you, Hanthaliar, simply state as follows:

I, Hanthaliar am against terrorism.

Can you do it, Hanthaliar? No disclaimers now. Just say it.

Becuase I know you. You are a bullsh** artist. You have this silly routine of calling anyone who disagrees with you message of hatred a “racist.” But we know who the true genocidal racists are, don’t we hanthaliar? Its called “two face.” You bull us about “human rights,” but you support depraved gencodial killers.

Shame on you.


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