UQÀM lets Israeli journalist speech go ahead


The university reversed its original decision, made Friday, and Gideon Kouts will be allowed to speak today as originally scheduled.

But the following may shed some light into why the university cancelled the planned talk in the first place:

Desmarais said the university received two threatening phone calls after posters advertising Kouts’s talk were put up around campus on Wednesday.

The anonymous callers threatened the event with the same type of violence that marred the anti-Netanyahu protest.

“Suddenly, some people became very tense at UQÀM,” Desmarais said. “It was asked, ‘Are we going to have the same things happen here that we saw elsewhere?’ – namely Concordia.”

Kudos to UQÀM for not giving into this kind of bald-faced blackmail. And to the cowards who made those calls, if you’re out there, know this: We have no tolerance for your kind of mob rule here in Canada. This is a free and open society and even people you disagree with have the right to be heard.

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1 Peter 12.11.02 at 3:22 AM

democracy, free-speech and sanity triumphs.


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