Online poll on Concordia rioters


The poll on’s Montreal site is asking: “Do you think students should be expelled for taking part in the anti-Netanyahu protest at Concordia University?”

Seems the rioters and their supporters have gotten wind of the poll because the total is running 55.38% No right now.

If you have a minute, head on over there and vote. Not only should people involved in a hate-spurred riot be expelled, they should be arrested and tossed in jail.

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1 Stuart Rothman 01.21.03 at 1:33 PM

Hold on a sec…that is not a good poll question…Students should not be expelled for taking part in the anti-Netanyahu protest…protesting is perfectly legit. Those students engaged in violent actions such as hitting people, breaking windows, throwing things at police, and breaching security should be expelled. I was a ticketholder at the event and I had no problem with people standing outside and holding signs and yelling. I had a serious problem when they physically tried to prevent me from getting in.


2 Steve Brandon 01.22.03 at 3:41 AM

Actually, that’s a very valid point! I’d almost think that Izzy Asper got David Bernans or Tom Keefer to write that online poll question since it does fudge the issue of “valid protest” vs. “vandalism and thuggery”.


3 Hanthala 01.22.03 at 4:42 AM

I agree. I think the small handful of people who acted violently against other people should be held accountable for their actions. Of course, since that would include a number of Zionists, we can’t have that. So, instead, we single out the known student leaders in the Palestinian human rights movement. This helps to ensure that the movement dies and that the Concordia donors remain happy. The public fed on Izzy Asper pablum is content. All is good.


4 Peter 01.23.03 at 12:56 AM

Now the latest target of PLO attacks shifts to
Concordia donors.


5 segacs 01.23.03 at 1:44 AM

Don’t you know? That’s just the latest window-dressing of the age-old antisemitic image of Jews “controlling the economy” or having the money. Of course, not knowing who Hanthala is, it’s entirely possible he was one of the people throwing pennies at the Jewish people who came to hear Netanyahu speak.


6 Anonymous 01.26.03 at 11:39 PM

G-d you people are ignorant. Saying that many Concordia donors are Zionists is not a conspiracy or a stereotype, but a simple fact. The list of donors is public information.


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