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Globe and Mail online poll

The Globe and Mail’s latest online poll asks readers who they think would be most to blame for the collapse of the “road map”: Palestinians, “Palestinian militants”, or Israelis. And at the moment, 67% have said Israelis.

These polls aren’t exactly scientific. I have to assume that some pro-Palestinian site is directing thousands of votes over there to flood the poll. But even at that, it seems pretty ridiculous, when you consider that the Palestinians have made absolutely zero steps towards fulfilling their end of the bargain, comapred to all the concessions Israel has made.

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  • Jonny 09.03.03, 6:08 PM

    Sari, wake up! The Jews will always get the blame – doesn’t really matter what we do.

  • Me 09.04.03, 4:13 PM

    And then there’s the fact that the Israeli government continues to act in violation of international laws and agreements — that might be the source of the criticism and opinions.

  • Me 09.04.03, 4:36 PM

    There’s also the fact — borne out by numerous timelines and analysis — that the Israeli government undertook its assassinations during a time when road map and truce agreements had quelled the violence and when it was supposed be doing the same.

    Of course, you’ve shown that you won’t let facts compromise your ideology, so why’m I wasting my breath, right?

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