Bruce Balfour acquitted


Could it be the international spotlight that led the Lebanese courts to acquit Bruce Balfour on charges of spying for Israel?

The Canadian Christian missionary was arrested on spying charges after he tried to enter Lebanon with an Israeli stamp in his passport.

I can’t condone Balfour’s work, preaching religion in the Mideast. But that wasn’t why he was arrested. He was thrown into jail because he had been to Israel, and the countries are at war.

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Denis Coderre met earlier Monday with Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and said Canada respected Lebanon’s judicial system.

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Speaking about Balfour’s treatment in prison, John Bleile said, “To my knowledge (torture) did not happen . . . but just being in a prison system, which is probably inferior to our own, is torture enough.”

Foreign Minister Bill Graham said Monday he was “satisfied that due process has acquitted Mr. Balfour of these most serious charges and pleased that he will be returning home to Canada.”

The Canadian government doesn’t like to step on any tows. Luckily for Bruce Balfour, he wasn’t thrown to the wolves while Canada bowed and scraped to the Lebanese authorities. But he could have been. That’s what happens when you have a foreign policy that’s so enamoured of relativism that it lives in fear of offending anyone.

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1 Dr_Funk 09.03.03 at 4:21 AM

It is situations like this that make me really really regret that Prime Minister Trudeau got rid of our aircraft carriers. We could be like Americans and say things like “give us our guy back or your pathetic little country will cease to exist.” *Sigh* It is shameful that we have to kowtow to anyone, never mind the Lebanese…. At least the man was acquitted, that’s something.


2 Ikram Saeed 09.03.03 at 2:43 PM

Now just Maher Arrar left.


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