Lebanese “opposition”?


Beirut is on fire.

The war between Lebanon and Syria is once again coming to a head, with Hezbollah fighting for Syria by proxy. Today’s “strike” was initiated by Hezbollah to escalate the fighting.

The aim of Hezbollah is to topple the Lebanese government and take over Lebanon for Syria. It has never made any secret of this. To achieve this goal, Hezbollah uses violence, force, threats, and terrorist tactics. The “political arm” of Hezbollah exists only to further the aims and successes of the terrorist group. It’s a foreign army, paid for by a foreign country, with the goal of invading and taking over Lebanon for a foreign government.

So why, then, does the international media insist on legitimatizing Hezbollah by calling it the “opposition”?

Let’s call this what it is: A war between Syria and Lebanon, fought on Lebanese soil but paid for with Syrian money. To use the word “opposition” is to give Hezbollah a legitimacy does not deserve.

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1 sam 02.21.07 at 3:19 AM

hizbollah are a legal intity…it is a resistance before it became in the opposition movement…on the other hand israel is not a legal intity ,,,simply because it was formed not so long ago over a land called palistine…that was done by killing its people…bla bla bla..


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