Pop quiz: who said this?


Here’s the quote: [Syria is a] threat to the stability of the region . . . [I have] great concerns about the Syrians. Their psychology cannot be comprehended.”

Was it: a) George W. Bush b) Ariel Sharon? c) Tony Blair? d) Jacques Chirac?

Believe it or not, the answer is d: Jacques Chirac.

Yeah, I was shocked too. For about ten seconds. Then I read the whole article:

The situation in Lebanon and Syria was the focus of the Sharon-Chirac working lunch, which lasted two and a half hours. Sharon asked France to exert its influence in Lebanon, to prevent clashes along the northern border while the disengagement plan is underway. He warned that Iran may push Hezbollah to take action against Israel.

Chirac responded: “The Lebanese government does not control Hezbollah, and we do not believe that the one interested in escalation is Iran, but rather Syria.” In Chirac’s view, Iran is currently engaged in dialogue with the international community over its nuclear program, and is not interested in opening another front. Syria, on the other hand, is subject to heavy pressure, and “could fire in every direction.”

Pandering to a terrorist state trying to get nuclear weapons. Oh, right. That’s the Chirac we know.

And of course there’s more:

Chirac said that Resolution 1559 should be implemented to the letter, but disagreed with Sharon’s approach, saying that Hezbollah plays “a stabilizing role” in Lebanon today. Chirac spoke with pride about the central role France played in the build-up to the elections in Lebanon.

Same old Chirac. Pop quiz over. Regularly scheduled programming resumed.

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