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I was just watching The Agency on CBS.

Between “Reality TV” and prime-time soap operas, I thought I’d seen it all. But this hour of TV just set a new low. In the show – which is about the CIA – the Americans travel to Israel to attempt to broker a deal between the Israeli Mossad and the Palestinian Authority. (Yeah right!)

Even more ludicrously, an assassination attempt on the CIA staff is traced back to “extremist Israeli settlers” – including an IDF captain and a high-ranking Israeli security officer – who, according to the script, are so against peace efforts that they liaised with Hamas in order to make and detonate bombs. The entire scenario is so ridiculous, I had a hard time keeping a straight face. Never mind that right-wing Israelis, although portrayed by the media as fanatics, have never been involved terrorism, as the show suggests. And they would never in a million years dream of working with a Palestinian terror group like Hamas.

I guess the scriptwriters were afraid of seeming as though they were taking sides. But attempting to paint both sides with the terrorism brush is incorrect and unfair.

The scenes where one of the characters, ostensibly a high-ranking member of the Israeli Mossad, was speaking the most awful Hebrew I’ve ever heard, were rather amusing. (Although his boss seemed to be fairly fluent). The thing that made me literally laugh out loud, though, was when the CIA – in attempt to stop a cell phone from being used as a bomb detonator – decided to block all cell phone signals in Jerusalem. Anyone who knows how reliant Israelis are on their cell phones would understand.

Only on TV.

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1 Peter 02.25.03 at 3:43 AM

Yes, it is those extremist Jews who insist
on living on Jewish land.


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