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Another year, another Yom Kippur

It seems to me that people ought to be used to the routine by now. Closing services have been the same in all the years I can remember. Yes, the service will go long. Yes, the Rabbi and the synagogue president will make long thank-you speeches to rival those at the Academy Awards. Yes, we’ll have to take the time to do arvit and havdalah before they blow the shofar and let us go home and eat. This isn’t news, people! It’s been like this every year! But people react to it like they do to the first snowfall of each winter – with disappointment, as if they were hoping that maybe it wouldn’t happen this year.

Oh well. 364 days till next Yom Kippur.

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  • Josh 10.07.03, 11:12 PM

    It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of just giving lip-service to the idea, we could really want true redemption and salvation and that the Messiah reveals himself ASAP. If a jew is content on just living a regular life Rosh Hashana to Rosh Hashana, Passover to Passover – then what’s the point of continuing the charade? Marry a non-jew and get the assimilation over with.
    You can strive to make the world a better place, help your fellow person, and have in mind that G’d didn’t just want us to perform a third of his mitzvahs; he wanted us to plead that we be redeemed NOW! That we should be able to build the third temple and be able to truly serve all 613 mitzvahs and proclaim his true everlasting rule over mankind.

    I’m sorry if your Yom Kippur was just another sit in synagogue, daydream during the sermons and haftorahs, or talk with your neighbour. It didn’t have to be like that and neither does life. Make your life count!

  • Rabbi Poupee 10.08.03, 11:45 PM

    I’m flabbergasted that a Jewish girl would say “Oh well. 364 days till next Yom Kippur.”

    Don’t you know that its the goyishe calendar that has 365 days? From this year’s Yom Kippur to the next is 355 days.

  • segacs 10.09.03, 6:20 AM

    You’re right, “Rabbi”. I think it may actually be 354 days. I’ll have to check out hebcal.org.

    By the way, I do keep track of IP addresses, so you’re not exactly fooling anyone on who you are. Can you pick an alias rather than using stupid names to make yourself look like a fool all the time?

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