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“And in these days when darkness falls early…”

Yesterday was Winter Solstice, and everyone’s been feeling the lack-of-daylight blahs. The cold temperatures aren’t helping, either. Winter came on fast and strong this year, and people seem to have hibernated more quickly than usual. Or maybe that’s just winter amnesia speaking (that same curious syndrome that makes people drive like idiots in the first annual snowfall – what, you thought winter wouldn’t come this year?)

With only a few days till Christmas, people are scrambling to finish their shopping and their preparations before heading out to visit their families. Or else they’re pack for all-inclusive trips south to a sun destination. For me, it’s none of the above – but I am very much looking forward to a few days off to catch up on my sleep. That is, if I can manage not to get sick in the meantime.

The good news – other than the Habs’ two wins in a row, that is  – is that from today onwards, the days start getting longer.

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  • Chris Allen 12.23.09, 3:34 AM

    I think I’ve adjusted pretty good this year to the shortened hours. I’ve actually started learning to just enjoy the night. Even going cycling or to the beach at night is a fun experience totally different than doing it in the day. I think the key to getting over seasonal disorder is just learning how to enjoy doing outside things at night time. Oh wait, but you live in Montreal where the high is below freezing. Nevermind!

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