Summer winding down


It struck me yesterday how much I absolutely love this city in the summertime. Everyone emerges from hibernation, and it becomes a city of festivals, sidewalk cafes, street performances, and a general spirit of “joie de vive” that belies our underground winter gloom. Just walking around downtown, seeing everyone outside enjoying the night, keeps reminding me of just how good we’ve got it here, even despite all the shtick.

But with the first drop in temperature yesterday, and it hit me that summer is winding down. Labour day weekend is in a week, and while for me it means little, because work continues as usual, other people are heading back to the classroom or even leaving Montreal. The “lazy hazy crazy days of summer” are drawing to a close . . . and soon enough, winter will be upon us and we’ll be wistfully remembering the nice weather and warm temperatures.

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