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Labour Day Weekend

A day for labour
Today we celebrate Labour Unions, which rank just below being shot in the head on my list of favourite things. Not too relevant in the ad biz, anyway. I guess it’s fitting, then, that I am spending the day – well, part of it, anyway – at work.

Festival season, coda
Another Montreal festival season is winding down. I’ve managed to get to 9 festivals this summer, which is not too bad, on the whole. There are still a few festivals coming up in the fall, but for the most part, that’s it till next year.

Not famous, just drunk (part deux)
Drunken shouting, singing, chanting teenagers wearing school colours on a weekday night can only mean one thing: That’s right, last week was Frosh week. At the time I was a student, freshman orientation was more about learning how to tackle riot police with 2x4s in protests to overthrow capitalism than it was about pub crawls and concerts, so needless to say, I didn’t participate. But, looking at the Froshies of today, I don’t think I missed out on much.

Back to…
The universities start classes this week, summer vacations are over, and everyone pretty much is getting geared up to go back to whatever it is that they do. That means that we can expect traffic nightmares for the next few weeks, solidly. I’ve always wondered where all those extra cars go after the first few weeks.

Can I still wear white?
Sure, if you like. Just don’t get it wet. Nobody wants to see that.

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