Long Weekend


Flags, flags everywhere
Spotted on cars, windows and even wrapped around people: the Portuguese flag, the Italian flag, the German flag, the Turkish flag, the Croatian flag, the Polish flag… and the Quebec flag. No, Quebec didn’t suddenly make it into Euro 2008… but it is St-Jean Baptiste long weekend.

This evening, summer officially arrived. It’s also the longest day of the year, which means that it’s all downhill from here. Yay! No need to worry about that, though. Summer solstice also kicks off…

Festival season
Montreal’s annual lineup of festivals, big and small, starts this weekend with the Fireworks competition and the Fete Nationale celebrations, followed closely by the Jazz Fest and of course, the annual July 1st Montreal tradition: Moving Day. (Oh yeah, and Canada Day too, for anyone who notices among all the rest of the hoopla. Seriously, the local festivities are lame. If you want maple leafs and Canadiana, go to Ottawa.)

Not famous, just drunk
Two weeks ago the limos were filled with the Hollywood set. Tonight, they’re filled with the high school set. Yep, it’s prom night, and the city is full of kids in tuxes and gowns pretending to be grown-ups. Enjoy your night of debauchery, kids, and remember that no matter how disappointing this night might be, at least you’ve escaped from high school.

Sidewalk sale
The St-Laurent merchants are trying really hard to get back on their feet after nearly two years of construction hell. The sidewalk sale is on this weekend, so if you’re around, check it out.

Sunshowers and rainbows
During my drive to Dollard this evening, there was sunshine, followed by heavy rain, followed by sunshine, followed by one of the most brilliant rainbows I’ve ever seen. Where’s my camera when I need it?

The four-day weekend means a great opportunity for a camping trip. Of course, the weather forecast isn’t cooperating. Another camping trip in the rain, so what else is new? Regardless, it’ll be great to get away.

On that note, I’m off till Tuesday. Later, all!

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