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Invasion of the Ontario license plates

It’s Labour Day Weekend, and we all know what that means. That’s right, they’re everywhere: Ontario drivers have invaded our highways, side streets and alleyways. The “Je Me Souviens” uniformity has been broken up by a sea of “Yours to Discover”.

Some are bringing their kids to school and helping them get settled in the residence. Others are just visiting friends or relatives, or simply taking a weekend vacation. Whatever their reasons for being here, though, they have one thing in common: They don’t know how to drive in Quebec.

Even though their license plates are nearly the same colour as ours, they’re easy to spot: They’re the ones going 100kph in the fast lane; they even slow to 70 on the Met, thinking for some strange reason that the speed limits mean something here. They stop at crosswalks. They use their turn signals. They make 3-second stops at stop signs. They stubbornly insist on driving at their speed even when all the traffic around them is whizzing by and giving them a honk-and-finger tabarnac.

In short, they’re a major menace and they’re bound to cause numerous accidents. Watch out for them.

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