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Antisemitism in France

A cover story in last Wednesday’s Washington Post addressed antisemitism in France:

“At first, neither the politicians, nor the courts, nor the intellectuals, nor the media, nor public opinion, nor civil society — none of them said anything,” said Simon Kouhama, president of the Jewish Citizens Forum, an organization founded largely by Sephardic Jews. “We began to ask if we could even stay in France. Were we really French citizens? Were we Jews? We had the feeling we were a people apart.”

Worth a read.

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  • Me 07.20.03, 2:31 PM

    Another perspective on racism in France is available from Reuters:

    ‘Neo-Nazis and Jews unite in Web hate’

    PARIS (Reuters) – French neo-Nazis have formed an alliance with extremist Jewish groups on the Internet to publish a torrent of hate messages directed against Arabs and Muslims, according to a report by a leading anti-racist group.


  • Nanook 07.21.03, 8:54 AM

    Not really a question of a different perspective; rather, a different class of thing. Segacs is talking about how racist actions have made some people feel. You’re linking to an article about racist actions themselves. You cited its lead; I guess — assuming you don’t mean for us to take it out of context, of course — that this part should also appear near it:

    Haim Musicant, director of France’s main Jewish organisation, CRIF, condemned all extremist Internet sites and called for a strengthening of laws to fight racism on the Web.

    He said he did not know who was behind the sites, but noted there were extremists among both Jews and Muslims.

    “This could be the work of provocateurs whose aim is to stoke tensions in France,” Musicant said. “If they are Jews, I have no idea, they are isolated individuals who represent nobody but themselves.”

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