Antisemitism in Paris


Here’s more about the disgusting antisemitism in Paris among the anti-war movement and the far Left: (via Jonny)

Il aura fallu trois jours aux organisateurs des manifestations parisiennes contre la guerre pour condamner les agressions antisémites commises samedi dernier, en marge du cortège. Un retard qui vient s’ajouter au malaise ressenti par certains devant la tournure prise par le dernier rassemblement, à la tonalité plus pro-palestienne que pacifiste.

The article goes on to talk about a few specific incidents, including the Jewish student who was shoved and roughed up by ten or so protesters who were waving an American flag with a swastika in the colours of Israel in the place of the stars.

And the group of protesters holding Palestinian flags who went off in search of Jews wearing kippas at the association offices of Hashomer Hatzair, a Zionist youth group. They beat one of them up, while shouting “Allah akbar”. Security personnel nearby refused to intervene. Not only that, but the whole thing was captured on film.

The reaction from France’s leftist political parties is summed up in this quote by Arielle Denis, co-president of the “Movement de la Paix”:

Elle reconnaît “une très forte sensibilité vis-à-vis de la Palestine et d’Israël” au sein du mouvement, mais estime que les positions anti-sionistes restent un phénomène “marginal”.

Marginal? Yeah, right.

Update: The Canadian Jewish News has more on this story, including further evidence on the habit of these groups to completely fabricate “fact” out of thin air:

CAPJCO, however, denied its activists were involved in the attack. Its president, Olivia Zemor, said her members had, once again, been attacked by Jewish extremists from Betar.

“We are going to be speaking to the police and asking for protection.” Asked to specify the number of injured from her own organization, Zemor said she did not know the “exact figure” before admitting that there had been no CAPJPO injuries.

Hmmm . . . sounds to me a lot like the fictitious claims that the “Zionists instigated the violence” in the case of the September 9th Concordia riots. It fits the same pattern of inventing the truth for propaganda purposes without a shred of evidence. Disguating, all of it.

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1 mr_b2b2 03.28.03 at 6:11 PM

visit and get the whole scoop on French Antisemitism. France used to be the #2 destination for Americans, now its not even in the top 50! Canada also is shooting itself in the foot–by booing the national anthem they might get heavily hit by boycotts too. Maybe canadian wood imports will go down or something.


2 tam 08.27.03 at 8:09 PM

our Canadian prime minister is a dickwit. i don’t believe his views represent those of, well at least, my circle of friends and myself.

but, the thing is America relies heavily on Quebec-owned/controlled/whatever ELECTRICITY. not just shmecky wood imports. so, don’t diss us too much just yet. unless New York and the rest of north-eastern USA have their hands on Iraq’s oil already.
in that case, please beat the crap out of anti-semitic Quebec and or Canada all you want.

I’m making Aliya anyways.


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