Everyone’s fed up with “Bennifer” – which is why the promotion for their new movie together, “Jersey Girl”, won’t be featuring them:

Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are international A-list stars, the studio that’s distributing the couple’s next film has decided it’s better off not talking quite so much about the leads of the film. Even though folks can’t seem to get enough of the tabloid regulars, Miramax has decided to “spin” the advertising around their next film, Jersey Girl, more around director Kevin Smith.

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Lopez has only a small part in Jersey Girl and her character actually dies fairly early on into the script.

With the way “Gigli” bombed, this is probably a fairly sound strategy. But if Kevin Smith was entertaining notions of crossing over into the mainstream with this film, after leaving his Jay and Silent Bob Askewniverse behind, then he won’t be able to count on Jen and Ben’s star power to do it.

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