Canada considers pulling head out of sand


Reports say that Canada is now considering joining a US-led attack on Iraq even without UN authorization. In a statement by Defence Minister John McCallum, he said that Canada’s cooperation with such an attack would be reluctant, but he hasn’t ruled it out.

“Many, many countries are in a position where they are offering contingency co-operation,” McCallum said after meeting U.S. counterpart Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon. “Some may say, ‘We’re doing it only with a UN mandate.’ We’re saying we much prefer that, but we may do it otherwise.”

Could this be the beginning of Canadian foreign policy that reflects reality instead of idiocy? I’m cautiously optimistic.

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1 Me 01.10.03 at 1:18 AM

I suppose you’re referring to the idiocy of requiring proof and concensus before sending off thousands of Canadians and millions of dollars to drop bombs on Iraqi civilians.

The reality is that Blix and his team have found nothing, and that the US claims that they really do have proof (honest), they just won’t share it.

Seems to me it’s you with your head not in the sand, but firmly up G.Bush’s ass.


2 jaws 01.10.03 at 2:33 AM

In all seriousness, does canada have a large enough armed forces to undertake such a mission?
Back when your country was involved in Afghanistan, the reports here were that your country’s army was very small….

I’ll try to recall the source of this discussion…


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