Jaggi Singh arrested in Israel


Jaggi Singh has finally been arrested by Israeli police, and is expected to be deported to Canada sometime today.

After agreeing to an Israeli court’s terms to be let into Israel (stay only a week, no visits to the Disputed Territories), Singh flagrantly violated these terms and flaunted his lawbreaking to the international media. Israel let the party go on long enough, it’s time to toss his ass out.

What I find to be the most interesting twist is the discrepancy between what Singh’s buddies are reporting happened, and what actually happened. The SPHR gives an exaggerated, colourful picture of Singh’s arrest:

Jaggi Singh was “kidnapped” as he visited a friend’s home in Jerusalem, said representatives of the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. Chadi Marouf, a spokesman for the group, said Singh was transported to jail and held on unknown charges.

“This is a Canadian citizen in Israel who is being treated unfairly, picked up like a hooligan in the middle of the night,” Marouf said in an interview.

The real story, according to an article in this morning’s Gazette (that unfortunately doesn’t appear in the online edition) is apparently that Singh was visiting a friend in Jerusalem when he was arrested by plainclothes Israeli police, and detained in the Russian Compound lockup pending deportation through channels. No dramatic kidnappings, no fanfare, just a simple arrest for breaking the law.

Of course, Singh and his cohorts tend to assume that the law doesn’t apply to them. And we’re talking about a group prone to blatant exaggeration and invention of facts. There’s really no reason why we should believe any of their posturing.

Israel has every right to decide who to allow into the country and who should be refused entry. It was above and beyond to allow Singh, who threatened the security of Benjamin Netanyahu by orchestrating riots at Concordia in September, into Israel in the first place. And since Singh didn’t see fit to obey the law, he deserves to be deported. If only Canada didn’t have to take him back.

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1 jaws 11.30.-1 at 12:00 AM

He broke the rules laid down by the court on entry, and as such, is subject to deportation (which is the punishment).

I’d assume that the Shin Bet (who likely picked him up) may have used their “grab and run technique” (for lack of a better word) to prevent a whole big “Scene” from forming when he was to be aprehended.

As for his claims of physical abuse…I’m not sure how much I’m gonna believe those off the bat….
(no pun intended)


2 Michael 01.09.03 at 4:08 PM

feed him to the sharks


3 Shanti 01.09.03 at 4:26 PM

Amen to that. Michael!


4 jaws 01.09.03 at 4:47 PM

Sorry to hear that he’ll be back in Canada….I feel bad for you folks…


5 Jonny 01.09.03 at 5:33 PM

c’mon peoples you’ve gotta give it to old Jaggi for providing us with a little comic relief.


6 Ikram Saeed 01.09.03 at 7:02 PM

I like Jaggi. He’s part of a Canadian leftist tradition extending back to the Winnipeg General Strike. I can’t really endorse many of his views (apart from the Israel stuff), but I’m glad Canada still has a radical left.

You’ve got an interesting Blog. Apart from you, I haven’t been able to find much non-rightwingnutbar Canadian blog content.


7 Me 01.10.03 at 1:04 AM

From the international Solidarity Movement:

“On January 8, 2003, at 6 PM, Jaggi Singh, Canadian citizen and ISM activist, went to visit a friend in West Jerusalem. When he arrived at the doorstep, he was ambushed, forced into an unmarked vehicle, and taken to the Russian Compound in Jerusalem by three plainclothes Israeli secret service agents.”

Sure sounds like a kidnapping to me. The communique continues:

“Jaggi Singh was beaten by the Israelis as they were transporting him to the Russian Compound. An officer by the name of Aaron slapped his face several times and pulled his hair in an attempt to interrogate him. Jaggi Singh’s lawyer, Shamai Leibovitch, was not allowed to talk with or visit him at Russian Compound. On January 9, 2003, Jaggi Singh was transferred to Maasiyahu Prison in Ramle.”


“We’ve received word from his lawyer that yesterday in prison, he was being physically beaten in the groin and the face by his Israeli captors.”

If you find it comically relieving to hear about a peace activist being beaten by secret service agents, good on ya – yer showing your true colours.

And although Israel may have every right to decide who’s allowed into that country, by international law it has no right to determine who gets into the West Bank or Gaza.

This is an interpretation accepted by the Government of Canada, which sees the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza as illegal.

By the way, I’m sure you’re all aware that the beating-while-in-custody will only serve to enhance Singh’s credentials and work against Israel’s public image.

So keep on laughing.


8 Steve Brandon 01.10.03 at 1:50 AM

Eh… pro-Palestinian propaganda mouthpieces have all the credibility of the Weekly World News as fiar as I’m concerned. Ha ha!


9 Jonny 01.10.03 at 3:19 AM

Singh’s credentials – hahahaha!


10 Lynn B* 01.10.03 at 3:58 AM

Yeah, “Me,” we’re ROFLOAO. SOP for ISM. I think they have that text canned in 75 slightly different variations. All they have to do is fill in the names. In Jaggi’s case, they probably had the release prepared before he left Canada, given his penchant for grandstanding.

The ISM website tells its members to say that they are tourists coming to Israel to visit the holy places or to spend time on the beach to avoid being deported.

sez Mustafa Barghouti, director of the “Palestinian Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute.”

Of course, being deported was an essential, indispensible part of Jaggi’s plan, n’est pas?


11 Peter 01.10.03 at 4:38 AM

If you find it comically relieving to hear about a peace
activist being beaten

Peace Activist? Give me a break. He fomented
a riot at otherwise peaceful event. What
the Israelis did wrong but let him in in
the first place.

In fact, maybe he was behind the double suicide
bombing in Tel Aviv. It occured while he
was in the disputed areas.


12 8opus 01.11.03 at 6:00 PM

This “Me” character has pretty odd things to say.

First, when police arrest a guy for breaking the law, he calls it “kidnapping”. Uh, no; when you break the law and state agents detain you, the English word for this is an “arrest”.

Then he asserts, weirdly enough, that Israel has no right by international law to determine who gets into West Bank and Gaza. Uh, buddy, West Bank and Gaza are occupied territories by Israel. As soon as the occupation ends, then Israel will have the same rights to determine who gets into Palestine as Canada does as to who gets into the U.S. — none. Until then, international law is pretty darn clear. Those who cite international law would do well to have at least a passing familiarity with it.

Although maybe I’m not understanding fully. Does Me mean that West Bank/Gaza aren’t really occupied territories? I assume that would mean that, in Me’s world, they are part of Israel.


13 Evan McElravy 01.12.03 at 6:26 AM

This sounds an awful lot like what he claims happened to him at the Summit of the Americas in 2001. You think he’d able to come up with new anti-cop innuendo from time to time if he’s so hell bent on getting arrested all the time.


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