Jaggi Singh enters West Bank illegally


After Israel let him in, even though they didn’t have to, Singh decided that laws were merely “suggestions” and that he could break whichever ones he pleases. He defied a ban on entry into the West Bank and is now bragging to the media about it.

Singh told Montreal radio station CJAD he had violated an Israeli court ruling to keep him out of the area and freely showed Israeli soldiers his passport. “Most of the soldiers who man checkpoints, who are involved in dealing directly with Palestinians, are 18- and 19-year-old kids,” Singh told the station. “They’re nice guys and girls when they don’t have their uniforms on, but they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer.”

So which is it, Jaggi? Is the Israeli army oppressively restricting people’s movement? Or is crossing the border a simple matter?

It does make me wonder about the effectiveness of Israeli security, though. Surely if Singh could get IN, then a suicide bomber would have little trouble getting OUT with 50 pounds of explosives strapped to his chest. A bit disconcerting.

Singh had this to add:

“I’m not here committing any crimes. I’m here observing the situation and if they want to come in and get me, I’m not going out of my way to hide.”

Singh has said he’s prepared to face the consequences.

Go get him, Israel!

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1 Mike M. 12.21.02 at 1:45 PM

Maybe he’ll get the pateneted Robert Fisk welcome.


2 segacs 12.21.02 at 6:37 PM

Ah but if Fisk were an oppressed Afghani, “I’d have beaten me too.”


3 Gil Shterzer 12.21.02 at 9:55 PM

Who is this buffoon? The first time I heard of him was in this blog a few days ago. Only yesterday I noticed a small item on Ha’aretz about this fool.

As for getting into the West Bank – There are about a million roads in and out, not all guarded, and if you have a Canadian passport there should be no problem getting in. As for a suicide bomber getting out they do all the time but they don’t need Canadian passports, there is no obstacle between the Palestinians towns to the Israeli ones. It’s a matter of a few kilometers that’s all.

As for a paying for disobeying Israeli court, He left about 17,000 Canadian dollar bail so I guess he can forget ever seeing those back.


4 Bill 12.21.02 at 10:33 PM

“He left about 17,000 Canadian dollar bail”

Anarchist bookshops must pay well.


5 Lynn B* 12.21.02 at 10:49 PM

Good riddance. Maybe he’ll enjoy it so much he’ll decide to stay.


6 Jonny 12.21.02 at 11:08 PM

Maybe he’ll even go for a bite of pizza and be blown to pieces by one of his brothers.


7 Mark Fox 12.22.02 at 12:19 AM

Well hopefuully the soliders were busy looking for terrorists coming out of the West Bank that crackpot Canadians going into it.


8 hazak 12.22.02 at 1:05 AM

hopefully he […] or if he is lucky, get arrested and severely punished for illegal entry.

we all know how his “investigative reporting” is going to end up as anyway.

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9 jaws 12.22.02 at 7:41 AM

Who says that in the end they’ll let him leave the country? (Ya gotta pass through border control to exit…) 😉


10 segacs 12.22.02 at 7:46 AM

They don’t want him in Israel. I’m sure they’ll be just as happy to toss his ass back here to Canada.


11 Morley Harper 12.23.02 at 10:32 AM

As they say: “Garbage in, garbage out.”


12 Me 12.23.02 at 11:23 PM

Why’re you all so threatened by Jaggi? Because he’s gaining enough credibility that his reporting of human rights violations committed by the IDF in the West Bank will make the mainstream press?

By the way, his bail ($5000 US) was paid by an Israeli peace activist.


13 Dave 12.26.02 at 8:56 AM

ME: Jaggi Singh doesn’t really have any credibility with the population at large. His cute stunt with the Teddy Bears in Quebec City notwithstanding, he has no expertise to make any sort of credible investigation and he certainly is not an unbiased observer. What he is, is a self-promoting media slut. Like Elatrash and Marouf, he has never met a camera he doesn’t like. And just like his lobbing of Teddy Bears at the cops in Quebec city, he adds nothing to the issue at hand – no education or understanding – just some more grand standing that serves only to get his name into the media.

But hey, if you know him and his buddies at the command center at the SPHR, since he’s already there, could you ask him possibly to investigate the treatment of Palestinian homosexuals by the PA? Can you ask him why Palestinian homosexuals are fleeing the West Bank and Gaza and turning to the Israeli authorities to provide them with refuge and protection? I mean, as long as he’s there, you know?


14 Me 12.26.02 at 5:23 PM

No, but if you want, you can read from him in today’s Montreal Gazette.


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