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I could make a reader poll about war in Iraq, international relations, sovereignty, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, or a whole host of important issues.

So of course, I’m choosing the most important debate of all: Counting Crows vs. Michelle Branch.

Not that I’d want to bias this poll in any way . . . so just type in the comments whether your vote is for the poetic, talented, awesome Counting Crows . . . or for Michelle Branch.

Jon, I will prove you wrong!

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1 segacs 12.21.02 at 12:22 AM

Gotta kick it off with my own vote for the Crows of course.


2 Jon 12.21.02 at 12:24 AM

No contest, Michelle Branch owns the Counting Crows. And she is better looking too (not that that makes a difference in her ability to kick musical butt). I will never forgive Counting Crows for massacring the Oasis classic Live Forever either


3 Jon 12.21.02 at 12:36 AM

Hmm. One writes songs with deep meaningful lyrics, attitude, has the songs to back it up, the look, the maturity and the pure talent and the other are the Counting Crows. No contest. Enron had a better career than the Counting Crows, only their recent output was less depressing….


4 segacs 12.21.02 at 12:43 AM

Cheating, Jon . . . that’s what I’d expect from a Michelle Branch fan :p

Go to sleep.


5 segacs 12.21.02 at 12:46 AM

And by the way, Jon, Habs over Leafs anytime 🙂


6 Steph 12.21.02 at 12:50 AM

Why is this even a debate?
Counting Crows. How in anyway does the song Everywhere (which is overplayed and old) beat out songs like Mr. Jones, Murder of One, Round Here, Anna Begins etc. Hot chicks vs. Talent. Interesting. I pick Talent. Counting Crows. BTW Michelle Branch is annoying, I kinda liked her up to her “Hee I’m drunk too” bit at the MTV VMA’s in September. Trying to be Pink is no way to jumpstart your career honey.


7 Trent Lott 12.21.02 at 2:14 AM

Um, I don’t know about Counitng Crows
but where I come from we’ve got Jim Crow.
Segregation, Now and Forever!


8 Inscrutable American 12.21.02 at 10:29 AM

Michelle Branch wins hand down. Also, the TMLs take les Habitants any day any time (well, that’s what my room mate says anyway).


9 an interested reader 12.21.02 at 8:06 PM

counting crows all the way! michelle branch is just a wannabe pop star, but counting crows are awesome.


10 Jon 12.22.02 at 12:32 PM

Wow, my faith in Americans has been almost completely restored. Either that, or Inscrutable American is the most intelligent Yank in history


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