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Who’s the greatest fence-sitter?


Jean Chretien on war against Iraq?


Mario Dumont on Quebec sovereignty?

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I know it’s a tough question. Please, vote carefully.

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1 Peter 01.24.03 at 2:35 AM

Segacs, Where are the pictures of Monday’s demonstration?

All I can say about Chretien and the Liberals is that I went to the Liberals website and I found it nearly imposible learn what their positions on the issues are. In fact, the link to “Issues” didn’t even work.


2 Stuart Rothman 01.24.03 at 4:32 AM

Chretien’s dithering on the war against Iraq is important because the world should know that Canada stands against dictators like Saddam Hussein and will act without the approval of the forever-useless UN.

Dumon’s dithering is not dithering at all. It it totally irrelevant what his views are on Quebec sovereignty. And one only has to look back to the previous referendum to learn that he was a Yes supporter. Quebec politicians should spend their time on fixing health care and education and not waste time trying to separate from the country. Dumont recognizes this fact.


3 James 01.24.03 at 6:56 AM

And what’s wrong with Mario dithering on Quebec sovereignty? Frankly, I don’t care what he thinks. If the ADQ ever gets anywhere, I’d like to see them put sovereignty off the table for a while, govern like they mean it, cooperate with the feds, and hold a referendum if and when there’s a big public outcry for one. We’ve wasted way too much time talking about referenda and embedding every single issue in the national question.

It’s time to set politics free of the sovereignty bugbear. A sovereign Quebec? Fine, if we vote for one. In the meantime, we’ve got lots to do.


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