Jaggi Singh fights deportation


Jaggi Singh fights deportation from Israel. (via LGF and Damian Penny.) Singh was travelling to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as part of what he calls a “fact-finding mission into allegations of human rights abuses against Palestinians”.

The CBC is calling him a “peace activist” and making Israel look like the villain for not letting him in. But what else can we expect from the good ol’ CBC? Singh has long been made into a media darling by the clueless left, even while being considered one of the most dangerous militants in Canada.

Jaggi Singh, for anyone who’s unaware, is one of Canada’s most annoying and notorious “activists”. He personally was largely responsible for starting the Concordia riot against Benjamin Netanyahu on September 9th – at which he authored the so-called “arrest warrant” for Netanyahu, accusing the former Israeli Prime Minister of War Crimes. After the riot, he wrote the following article, widely-disseminated, flinging accusations of brutality against the police and shifting blame everywhere other than on the rioters.

He was arrested in Quebec City protesting against the Summit of the Americas, and used his arrest to generate further publicity including a petition on rabble.ca to “free” him.

And now he has won a preliminary injunction as the first step to be allowed into Israel.

But since when is a country forced to admit anyone and everyone into its borders? People with criminal records have difficulty entering the US. Singh has a criminal record – why should Israel have to let him in anyway? And I just love the fact that he’s using the Israeli court system to fight the ruling. I wonder if he sees the irony in that, given all of his anti-Israel propaganda about it not being democratic.

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1 Hanthala 12.16.02 at 9:38 AM

“I wonder if he sees the irony in that, given all of his anti-Israel propaganda about it not being democratic.”

Ah, but he’s Canadian, not Palestinian.


2 Shlinkin 12.16.02 at 1:42 PM

In what way is he Canadian? He’s an anti-semite like most palestinians, he’s a violent thug, he’s no believer in democracy or capitalism/ What makes him Canadian?


3 Shmoo 12.16.02 at 2:52 PM

I don’t see how Jaggi Singh can call himself a peace activist. He does not condemn violent actions such as those that occurred on the day of the scheduled Netanyahu speech, and he shows no judgment when he blames the police for the violence. When will people realize that the only agenda of the police was to prevent two groups from fighting each other. I was there and I remember being part of one group, trying to enter the building to see the speech which I had a ticket for, and the other group was trying to block my way and pushing and shoving. The police failed to adequately protect everyone but they should not be faulted for using force to allow ticket holders into the building. The problem I have with Jaggi Singh being deported from Israel is that means he is going to be back in Canada….


4 hazak 12.16.02 at 3:27 PM

He is going for a “fact-finding mission into allegations of human rights abuses against Palestinians. ”

What about a fact-finding mission into human rights abuses against all Israelis (eg. bus/disco/cafe/pizzeria bombings, sniper shootings, etc.)?

Oh I know… he must of read the “Selective Human-Rights” primer, written the CSU.

Also, Israel, just as any country, has the right to refuse entry to whomever it wants. Why do critics of Israel always attack her self-defence interests? The answer is obvious.


5 Hanthala 12.16.02 at 7:21 PM

“He does not condemn violent actions such as those that occurred on the day of the scheduled Netanyahu speech, and he shows no judgment when he blames the police for the violence.”

That’s not true at all. Jaggi has condemned the police brutality we all witnessed on that day as well as the harrassment coming from both Zionists and anti-Netanyahu protesters.

“What about a fact-finding mission into human rights abuses against all Israelis”

Its not like those are not well known. What isn’t so well known, due to Israel’s careful banning of the media and international solidarity activists is the daily human rights violations committed against the Palestinian people.


6 Bill 12.16.02 at 11:15 PM

“And now he has won a preliminary injunction
as the first step to be allowed into

Gee, that unfair Zionist court system.


7 Bill 12.16.02 at 11:21 PM

“What isn’t so well known, due to Israel’s
careful banning of the media”

I know Hanthala. That is why we see
daily pictures of what is going on in

I wonder, though, how we haven’t heard
much about Arabs fighting other Arabs at
Gaza Univeristy(the real Gaza U) in
Gaza city. The only articles I’ve read
about it were sketchy reports in the Jerusalem
Post. Why don’t we hear reports about
the PLO executing people? Where are the
trial reports?

Fortunately for you Hanthala, and your
fellow PLO activists, Israel is an totally
OPEN society.


8 Bill 12.17.02 at 12:26 AM

“due to Israel’s careful banning of the media and
international solidarity activists”

Israel hasn’t carefully banned media about
this “international solidarity activist.”

I wonder how far I get, and how much
media attention I recieve, if I show up
at Damascus Internation Airport to protest the
Syrian occupation of Lebanon.

Ah, the Arab mind has such a problem with TRUTH.


9 Hanthala 12.17.02 at 8:24 AM

“In what way is he Canadian”

“Ah, the Arab mind…”

Beautiful, keep it up hate mongers, its the reason we’ll win in the end 🙂


10 Peter 12.17.02 at 8:45 AM

It is apparent to me that many Arabs have
little facility for self-critism. In
fact this is noted by a very few Arab

And no Hanthala, the Jewish people have
faced much worse in our 4,000 year history
and have always won.


11 Hanthala 12.18.02 at 2:16 AM

Peter, when I say you will lose, I don’t mean you the Jewish people. I mean you the racist fascist Zzzzionists!


12 Hanthala 12.18.02 at 9:03 AM

You’re right Segacs, I don’t like Zionists. Its exactly the same kind of “blanket hatred” that I have for Nazis and neo-Nazis.


13 segacs 12.18.02 at 5:43 PM

Hanthala, it’s exactly statements like that one that discredit you. You fling accusations of racism in practically every post you write, but you never stop to look in the mirror at your own blanket hatred of all Zionists.


14 Hanthala 12.18.02 at 6:29 PM

Sorry Segacs, but Zionism is a political ideology whose tenets include racism. It is ethnic nationalism in the old guard Quebecois style. Both of these, taken to their logical conclusions, include very much the same ideas as Nazism.


15 segacs 12.18.02 at 7:50 PM

Hanthala, most likely you are basing your opinions of Zionism on a misconception of what Zionism truly is. If you like, I can give you some reading material. But there is nothing racist about Zionism, and plenty racist about people who oppose it as a veil for their hatred of Jews.


16 Hanthala 12.18.02 at 8:11 PM

Thanks Segacs, I’m well read on Zionism.


17 Hanthala 12.18.02 at 8:20 PM

I can’t find the thread where Azmi Bishara was mentioned previously, but this fits with this discussion as well so here goes:

Press Release
National Democratic Assembly
December 18, 2002
In response to the decision of Israel’s Attorney General, Elyakim Rubinstein, to appeal to the Central Elections Committee (CEC) to disqualify the National Democratic Assembly’s list and its candidate, MK Azmi Bishara, the NDA has the following to say: elections without the NDA and its chosen representatives will not be free and democratic
Attempting to block Balad from participating in the upcoming general elections scheduled for January 28, 2003, the Attorney General will premise his appeal to the CEC on Basic Law: The Knesset (Amendment 9, Article 7A), which allows for the disqualification of party lists whose “objects or actions, expressly or by implication, include [the] negation of the existence of the state of Israel as the state of the Jewish people.”
In other words, the Attorney General has decided to disqualify the NDA for demanding the democratization of the State of Israel into a state of all of its citizens.
The National Democratic Assembly notes with grave concern that the democratic demand for a citizens’ state is no longer tolerated in the ‘democratic’ State of Israel, and is being used as a pretext to block political representation for its Arab public. If calling for the democratization of citizenship in the State of Israel is met with political disqualification, than the very citizenship rights of the Arab public are being disqualified.
In a parallel move, the Attorney General will appeal to the CEC for the simultaneous disqualification of MK Azmi Bishara, NDA’s sole representative in the 15th Knesset and the first candidate on the party’s list for the 16th Knesset, on the grounds that he allegedly expressed “support for armed struggle on the part of a terrorist organization,” politically motivated accusations which have yet to be
substantiated in a court of law.
The Attorney General’s latest decision corresponds with his previous decision to indict MK Bishara for his political opinions. It appears that the Attorney General, after failing to delegitimize the NDA, its platform, and its chosen leadership in court, has resorted to continuing his political witch-hunt by attempting to bar them from the electoral process.
A flagrant violation of the Arab minority’s right to political
representation and other democratic rights-such as freedom of speech-it is an attempt, by ‘legal means,’ to deny the Arab minority its right to express its own political attitudes. It is an attempt, in essence, to make concession to Zionist ideology a precondition for parliamentary participation.
The Attorney General also asked the CEC to disqualify former Kach activist Baruch Marzel, the second candidate on the rightwing Herut party’s list. The not-so-implicit comparison that Attorney General Rubinstein has drawn between an avowed racist and a liberal-democratic movement is outrageous. By no means is it possible
to compare people who espouse racism, transfer, and violence to people who advocate genuine democracy in the form of a citizen’s state that guarantees equality and justice for all-Jews and Arabs alike.
No less grave is the fact that the Attorney General has proven, once again, that he is guided by a political agenda, aligning himself squarely with the Israeli rightwing, which never ceases to try to erode the political rights of the Arab citizens of the state. An erosion of the Arab citizens’ rights is an erosion of every citizen’s rights.


18 segacs 12.18.02 at 9:06 PM

Hanthala, you’re quoting an editorial with an obvious bias. Give me the straight news and I’ll comment.


19 Hanthala 12.18.02 at 9:48 PM

Segacs, the post is in keeping with your own posts on this website. Besides, I hate to break it to you, but there’s no such thing as the “straight news.”


20 segacs 12.18.02 at 10:28 PM

Hanthala, it’s my website. It’s where I write my thoughts on things. I’ve never claimed to be a newspaper or an unbiased source of news.

But if you want me to comment on something that occurred, point me to the news source, not to an editorial, and I’ll comment.


21 Hanthala 12.19.02 at 1:30 AM

What happened is quite obvious from the post.


22 segacs 12.19.02 at 2:49 AM

Obvious to you, maybe, because you only got one side of the story. Do you always only read one side and assume it’s fact?


23 segacs 12.19.02 at 5:02 AM

Comparing Zionism to Nazism is a form of hate speech, and is probably one of the gravest insults you could possibly level. Take a good long look in the mirror the next time you call someone a “racist”.


24 Hanthala 12.20.02 at 12:12 AM

Segacs, this is getting childish. The ruling is obvious from the report with or without the editorializing. Again, I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as the “straight news.” Reporting always involves editorializing even if it is simply in the selection of what to report on. I read everything, and always with a critical eye. Perhaps you should try that.


25 anon coward 12.21.02 at 4:13 AM

Hanthala sagely comments: “Zionism is a political ideology whose tenets include racism.”

Cool. Which tenets, exactly?


26 Hanthala 12.21.02 at 6:55 AM

Ethnic cleansing, coward.


27 anon coward 12.21.02 at 3:33 PM

I’m sorry, “ethnic cleansing”? You mean to say that Zionism = killing all of the Arabs in the 1948 borders, like Serbian and Bosnian warlords tried to do to each other’s peoples?

Man. So, you’ve read lots about Zionism, huh? I’d be curious to read that authoritative Zionist book you’re talking about …


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