Canada’s reaction rings hollow


Among the reactions to the Riyadh bombings, predictably, the only ones with any teeth are coming from the countries who have proven willing to back up their talk with action. Canada’s reaction is ringing especially hollow:

“I want to express my outrage at what happened in Saudi Arabia,” Chretien said.

He said some of the Canadians apparently were injured, but none died in the attacks in Riyadh.

Of the terrorists, Chretien said: “I think they will never win in using these tactics.”

He said there was no evidence Canadians were specifically targeted, saying the attacks were “against Westerners in general.”

Added Foreign Minister Bill Graham: “It is important we root out terrorism.”

And how exactly do you intend to do that, Mr. Graham? By sending peacekeepers armed with toy guns from Toys ‘R Us? By asking the UN to “pretty please” do something?

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