B’nai Brith sues Canada


B’nai Brith is suing the Canadian government in attempt to force it to outlaw the so-called “political” and “charitable” (read: fundraising for terrorism) wings of Hezbollah. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were finally (belatedly) banned this week, and Hezbollah’s military wing on the terror list as well. But where do they think these people get their funding from?

Ottawa is resisting pressure to outlaw the political wing, which Foreign Minister Bill Graham has described as a legitimate movement. The government said on Friday that the law suit, filed by B’nai Brith, would have no effect.

Bill Graham had better hope that his quotes don’t come back to haunt him.

It’s unbelievable that the same Canadian government that seeked to strip the Canadian Magen David Adom – a lifesaving organization – of its charity status, would allow Hezbollah – a lifetaking organization – to operate freely. Especially if it looks like Hezbollah might be linked to yesterday’s bombing in Kenya. In case there was any doubt just what kind of “legitimacy” Hezbollah should have, this ought to take care of it:

The leader of Hizbollah on Friday urged Palestinians to ignore international criticism of suicide attacks and keep up the armed struggle against Israel.

These are murderers and terrorists, make no mistake. The fact that they’re legally allowed to fundraise in Canada is a scandal. And everyone else seems to “get it” except for Bill Graham.

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