EU meddling in Israeli elections


The European Union is meddling in Israel’s elections. According to the Jerusalem Post:

Palestinian newspapers are full of paid advertisements calling for an end to terrorist attacks inside Israel in order to help Mitzna and his Labor Party. Palestinian sources say Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, the PLO’s representative in Jerusalem, is behind the advertisements. The European Union, they add, is financing the campaign.

The surprise isn’t so much that the Palestinian lobby wants a Labour victory. With a softer government, more prone to concessions, they probably figure they can get more out of Israel. But what’s the EU doing backing the ads?

And notice what else is obvious by reading between the lines. The ads are calling upon people to end terror attacks inside Israel – their way of saying that terror attacks in the Disputed Territories may still continue against innocent civilians. Plus, the call for a moratorium on attacks in the leadup to an election implies that they can resume once the election is over. Not to mention that it’s blazingly obvious that terror is being sanctioned as a political weapon.

If the EU wants to intervene to end terrorism, then it should do it unequivocally. Support a campaign to end terror attacks, period. Instead, the EU is attempting to manipulate the Israeli election so as to elect a leader it feels woud be more pliable to Europe’s demands. I doubt the Israeli people will listen, as polls show Likud leading by a landslide margin. Still, the EU has no business getting involved.

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