EU hypocrisy


Another typical demonstration of European Union hypocrisy:

The EU’s foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, said “these tragic incidents come as a sad reminder that no region in the world is immune from terrorist attacks.”

“This should strengthen our common determination to intensify as a matter of priority co-operation with our African partners – among others -as part of our global fight against terrorism,” he said.

Hey, Solana, these attacks are happening almost daily in Israel, and I don’t see you calling for an intensification of your co-operation with Israeli partners as part of the “global fight against terrorism”. If you would take your head out of the sand for five seconds, you would realize that the best way to fight terrorism is to fight it wherever it occurs. And where is it occurring most? Israel, of course.

Terrorism is like a cancer. Fight it there and you’ll help prevent it from spreading elsewhere. Wait for it to spread elsewhere and, well, you see what happens.

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