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Well, what did they expect?

Israel was forced to withdraw its proposed UN General Assembly resolution calling for the protection of Israeli children from terrorism, after it got sabotaged by Israel’s enemies (via Damian):

At the United Nations, the lives of Israeli children are worth less than the lives of Palestinian children, Israel’s ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman said Wednesday after he was forced to withdraw a resolution calling for the protection of Israeli children from terrorism.

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On Nov. 6, the same committee adopted a similar resolution calling for the protection of Palestinian children from Israeli aggression by a vote of 88 to 4 with 58 abstentions.

The Israeli draft, the Jewish state’s first at the UN since 1976, was introduced earlier this month in response to numerous terrorist attacks that have targeted Israeli children, including a bombing at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa on Oct. 4 that killed 21 people, among them four children.

Gillerman withdrew the draft after a group of states from the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), led by Egypt, demanded the inclusion of amendments that, if adopted, would have turned the draft into an anti-Israel resolution.

The list of amendments, cosponsored by Bahrain, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, included deleting of the phrase “Israeli children” from the text and replacing it with “Middle East children,” and inserting references to Israeli “military assaults,” “occupation” and “”excessive use of force” ahead of all mention of terrorism. Even the title of the draft was changed from “The situation of and assistance to Israeli children” to “The situation of and assistance to children in the Middle East region.”

Well, excuse me for saying this but, DUH. There’s a reason Israel hasn’t tried to introduce a GA resolution in over a quarter of a century. Israel should know better than to expect objectivity or even a modicum of fair treatment from a body dominated by its enemies, committed to wiping its existence off the map.

It won’t stop supposedly “neutral”, “objective” watchdogs and commentators from relying on the GA’s authority to criticize Israel, though, you can bet on that.

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  • John Anderson, RI, USA 12.01.03, 5:24 AM

    “Israel should know better…” They do, this is a first shot by the so-far non-existent Israeli PR. They announced it before introducing it as a challenge to the UN, and the UN did exactly what was predicted.

    I hope this will not be the last such. The Israeli government is lousy at PR: some journalists have noted that even in Tel Aviv it is easier to hire Palestinian crews and equipment than Israeli.

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