Car bombings in Casablanca


There were four car bombing attacks in Casablanca, Morocco, and at least two were targeted at Jewish locations:

Local journalist Aboubakr Jammai told the BBC that witnesses had spoken of “many dead” as well as numerous injuries.

Mr Jammai said he knew of four attacks that had taken place near an Hispanic centre, a hotel, a synagogue and a Jewish cemetery, although he said there were reports that there had been as many as six explosions.

He said that the attack on the Hotel Safir in the old part of the city had been a suicide attack and that at least eight people had been killed in that incident alone.

More terrorism. More people dead. And another “who would’ve thought?” target. With all the talk about Riyadh, about the US and Britain as possible targets, and even the warnings in Kenya, who on earth saw this coming?

Update: CNN is reporting that at least 20 people have been killed in the bombings. One of them was apparently targeted at a Jewish nightclub, but it was closed for Shabbat so it was (thankfully) empty. Another bomb exploded in front of the Belgian Consulate, for reasons that are as of yet unclear.

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