Chretien: Referendum on gay marriage is a bad idea


I am in complete agreement with Jean Chretien (for once) that the majority should not decide the fate of the minority. Chretien has stated that he thinks a referendum on gay marriage would be a bad idea:

“I’ve done some referendums. I’m not keen on that,” he said, speaking to reporters in North Bay in the middle of a Liberal caucus meeting this week.

He said the reason Canada has a Constitution and the Charter of Rights is to protect the rights of minorities.

As well, he feels the job of elected officials is to make important decisions on issues such as gay marriages and to defend the rights of minorities.

“To have a referendum on these things, there would be no protection anymore.”

In my opinion, this is the correct interpretation of the role of government, and anyone who is a minority in any way (which, I suppose, we all are in a sense) should defend this role.

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