And Canada’s out


Canada will not be playing any role in a US-led attack on Iraq, expected to be launched this week, according to Jean Chretien.

Not that we would have had much to contribute . . . but by making this statement, Chretien is saying that he doesn’t support the US and its allies over the UN. And that is likely to have consequences. The world will remember that when the courageous took action, Canada remained silent.

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1 AlexCV 03.18.03 at 2:31 AM

In other news, the US will declare war against Iraq on March 19th 2003 at 8pm.


2 Ben 03.18.03 at 4:42 AM

No, the world will forget and so will the U.S. Sad.


3 jaws 03.18.03 at 5:07 AM

I heard canada was either offering 30 or 70 troops total ( can’t remember which)


4 Steve Brandon 03.18.03 at 5:32 AM

Okay, see, I’m no fan of Chrétien, and I’m fully on Bush’s side when it comes to this war, but, in this situation, I think he’s caught between a rock and a hard place, since we’re having the election here in Quebec, and he doesn’t want to hand Bernard Landry a “winning condition” on a sterling silver poutine dish, by supporting a war which the sort of voter that would elect the PQ would generally oppose. If you saw on the CFCF News tonight (probably on CBMT as well; I’m just saying what I watched), Landry’s already trying to make as much hay out of war opposition as he can.


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