Get off the fence, Canada!


In today’s Gazette, columnist Peter Hadekel urges the Canadian government to revise its foreign policy and to take a clear stand on Iraq:

If the Liberals are all over the map on Iraq, it’s because they’ve failed to articulate a clear foreign policy since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. 

[ . . . ]

A new foreign policy must start from a dual premise: that our relationship with the United States is of pre-eminent importance and that maintaining global security in the 21st century means dealing firmly with rogue states and terrorist groups.

The Iraq issue is a difficult one because it turns on the credibility of the UN inspections process. How much faith do we have in the ability of inspectors to find Saddam’s concealed weapons?

So far, Canada has said international law and UN approval should govern military action against Iraq. But diplomacy can only go so far when a duplicitous regime is determined to flaunt its international obligations.

Soon, it may be time to forcibly disarm Saddam. And it will be time for Chrétien to check his moral compass and consider who his friends are.


He’s not the only one with an opinion. Progressive Conservative Party leader Joe Clark also wants the government off the fence, but on the other side:

“The prime minister is being dangerously ambiguous as to what Canada’s position would be,” Clark said.

“No one knows where Canada stands. Our allies don’t know, our citizens don’t know, (Chretien’s) own government doesn’t know.”

Canada should only support military action if it is sanctioned by the United Nations, Clark added

Well, that sure clears that up! And yes, it’s a strange political landscape when the Conservative party is telling the Liberal party to take a softer line on military action.

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