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Coderre not fooled

Infamous Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel’s attempt to make a mockery of the refugee claims process by asking to be admitted to Canada as a refugee isn’t fooling Immigration Minister Denis Coderre:

A tough-talking Immigration Minister Denis Coderre indicated yesterday he’s prepared to act to thwart Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel’s attempt to claim refugee status in Canada.

“Just watch me,” declared Mr. Coderre when he was asked what measures are available to him to bar someone from getting access to the country’s refugee system, a process that can last years.

The Canadian Jewish Congress is livid about the whole thing, as they well should be:

“Ernst Zundel is an unwanted hatemonger. We are confidant that Canadian refugee law will see through Zundel’s charade and quickly send him back to Germany where he awaits possible jail and prosecution for his hateful activities in that country”, stated Keith Landy National President of Canadian Jewish Congress.

My issue isn’t so much with Zundel, who’s a known hatemongerer and there isn’t much question about what he is or what he stands for. But I really have to wonder at a legal mind that would come up with the twisted argument that Zundel is a refugee from Germany, because if sent back there he would be jailed as a Holocaust denier.

Are we supposed to feel sympathy for this guy or something???

When thousands of legitimate refugee claimants struggle daily to enter Canada, why is anyone even giving this guy the time of day, let alone a hearing? He should be tossed out on his ass where he belongs.

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  • Peter 02.21.03, 6:22 PM

    Maybe he should declare himself a Palestinian refugee. Thenf he can return to his ancestral homeland in Jordan.

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