Dennis is back


Dennis Miller’s back… on CNBC???

The hour-long show will —in CNBC’s own words — bring Miller’s “blazingly sharp comedic take on serious issues in his trademark take-no-prisoners, suffer-no-fools style.”

[ . . . ]

“I met with Jeff (Zucker) and I liked the fact that CNBC was amping up its primetime schedule,” Miller says. “I think it’s an interesting play. I don’t even think the line between news and entertainment is there anymore. Quite frankly, it’s ripe to be obliterated. Treating Paris Hilton like the Hanoi Hilton is sort of ridiculous.”

It is certainly nice to see that Dennis will be back on the air. I knew he’d land somewhere eventually… and it seems he’ll have significant creative control of this show. But I somehow doubt he’ll be able to get away with the kind of things he managed at HBO.

Should be interesting, anyway.

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