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Is there an election going on or something?

Cause you’d never know it, just living day to day.

Sure, the media is making an effort to report somethinganything – about the campaign trail.

But that deafening silence out there? That’s the sound of seven million Quebecers not caring.

Almost nobody’s talking about the election at the water cooler, over brunch, at the nail salon or the dry cleaner’s. There’s a remarkable lack of debate. People are spending more time discussing Paris Hilton’s driving habits than Andre Boisclair’s – erm – other habits. If an alien landed here from outer space, he’d be hard-pressed to learn that there was an election at all.

Not to mention a complete lack of care or concern about the S-word. Sovereignty, that is. Ask around and this issue that has inflamed passions here for decades will generally be met by a shrug. And I don’t think it’s because people are any less committed to their positions. Rather, I think it’s because the sovereigntists are uninspired and unencouraged, the federalists aren’t feeling too threatened, and the rest are just ready to move on.

I’ll vote on election day. Until then, I’m perfectly content with this snoozer of a campaign. It’s not as though a loud campaign would raise any interesting issues, so as long as the same bunch of yahoo politicians keep talking about the same bunch of ridiculous non-issues, I’m plenty happy to let them do it at a whisper.

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