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Good ol’ anti-Israel CBC

Tonight’s The National had a full feature story on Concordia University and the tensions on campus. The report showed footage from the September 9th riots and interviews with pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel – and other – students, faculty, and administrators. It was a real in-depth look at the politics over at Gaza U . . . or at least it claimed to be. And could have been, if not for the constant one-sidedness.

The footage of the riots focused on chants of “free Palestine” and clashes with riot police. Not a single mention was made of the many Jewish people who were roughed up, pushed, shoved, and spat upon. Not a word was said about the disgustingly antisemitic character of the riot. And words like “waiting to happen” and “provocation” continued the myth that the riot was the fault of everyone but the rioters.

Misleading quotes gave the impression that Hillel was somehow just as wrong as SPHR. Pamphlets distributed by Hillel were highlighted as being controversial – in fact, these flyers were perfectly legitimate, but the anti-Israel forces were looking for something to pick on. No mention was made of the blatant outright racism of most of the SPHR material. And the CBC’s blatantly self-serving attack on Izzy Asper has no business in reports. Watching the two organizations battle it out in the public eye is not only distasteful, it’s leading to biased reporting.

Concordia has enough problems, but this news report is only going to give encouragement to the CSU and their supporters. And as always, it is the students who will suffer the most.

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  • Peter 11.30.-1, 12:00 AM

    segacs, did you send these comments to the

  • Anonymous 01.17.03, 10:26 PM

    I saw the report and I think it cast the CSU in a negative light. Even if it didn’t mention anti-semitism and violence, it did explain that Netanyahu isn’t a “war criminal.” I think you’re exaggerating to call the report “anti-Israel”; the CBC is no more anti-Israel than the Gazette is pro-Israel, and its a hell of a lot more balanced than the bullshit I read in the Hour and the Mirror about the riot.

  • segacs 01.18.03, 12:42 AM

    Well it goes without saying that Hour and Mirror aren’t going to be accurate. But the way the reporter seemed to have a love affair with Aaron Mate, while Noah Sarna’s soundbytes were chopped up worse than chopped liver . . . and the fact that there was no mention of the violence and racism against Jews and Jewish students at the riot . . . I mean, give me a break!

  • Peter 01.18.03, 2:20 AM

    segacs, has the CBC published the article or a link to the audio on their website? I’ve been searching for it but can’t find it.

  • Peter 01.20.03, 6:19 AM

    I just read the transcripts and was dumbfounded. It was so biased it was incredible. Most of the people Pfeffer (the reporter) interviewed were pro-Palestinian. She even had a quote from a professor who described a poster Hillel put up as an atrocity. Maybe Pfeffer should register herself as a lobby of the PLO.

  • Peter 01.20.03, 6:35 AM

    Here is an email I just sent off to the CBC:

    I just read the transcripts of the National’s report “Campus Discord” and was dumbfounded. It was one of the most biased news pieces I have ever read from a reputable news organization. Most of the people Amanda Pfeffer (the reporter) interviewed were pro-Palestinian. For instance, she has 11 statements from 3 different pro-Palestinian students and only 6 statements from 2 pro-Israel students (both of whom happen to be siblings) Then she quotes from a supposedly neutral person who calls a poster Hillel displayed “an atrocity.” Although I didn’t watch the broadcast, I believe the poster in question compared a Palestinian terrorist to a KKK clansman. Is this an atrocity?

    I am really disappointed in the CBC. Obviously you seem to have adopted the same journalistic standards in regard to reports on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as used by the BBC. It is a shame.

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