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Hockey fans boo US anthem

Ungrateful brats:

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” said Snow when asked about his reaction to the Bell Centre fans booing the U.S. national anthem.

It wouldn’t hurt all the childish idiots who were booing last night to remember that the only reason Canada can afford to keep its nose clean is thanks to the U.S.

After 9/11, Canadians were going around proclaiming how much they loved Americans, buying pins with the Canadian and American flag together to pin to their lapels, grieving together with the U.S. But now, less than two years later, they’re booing the U.S. national anthem at hockey games. Utterly disgraceful, and utterly fickle. It seems Canadians only have compassion for helpless victims, not for strong nations willing to defend the interests of the world.

Idiots like that give all Canadians a bad name. It’s time for Canada to re-examine its relationship with the United States, and to start acknowledging that we have more than enough reason to be grateful.

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  • Adem 03.21.03, 7:41 PM

    Unless one provides some sort of survey as to why exactly those people booed, I find it difficult to ascribe any particular reasoning to those people. Furthermore, as this type of thing does not usually occur, it may be reasonable to infer that it is because of the war and not merely “anti-American sentiment”. The US government has engaged in atrocious policies, both in terms of blunders and atrocities. It is possible that by burning the flag or booing the anthem is just as much a response to that, and slightly less likely that it is intended to convey a feeling of hatred towards all Americans.

    I suppose it all depends on how responsible one deems the population at large for its governments policies. US foreign policy, regarding Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq before 1991, and the list goes on an on, was generally not publicized and the public was unaware of what their administration was doing but that is not the case now. Honestly, I don’t know how to the current situation. All I can really say is that the reasons given for the war and the post facto defenses of it, don’t seem to add up and there is most likely an ulterior motive. The humanitarian concern is probably a pretext, although I would sympathize with it. The US and most people did not care what Saddam did to “his” people when the West was funding his armaments before the Gulf War, which is well-documented, just as noone cared about the plight of the poor people of Afghanistan before 9-11 and they get little attention today. As for the booing, I think most Canadians and Americans are just as ignorant about what goes on in the world, but the US government tries to get its foot in the door everywhere. I can accept the American people and culture, but their ‘presence’ on the world stage I have a serious problem with. Both Americans and Canadians don’t seem to live up to the principles they supposedly believe in. I can’t say I personally have much respect for either nation, all I can say is that something ain’t right, but what exactly, I don’t know. Rant over.

  • Otter 03.21.03, 10:10 PM

    This goes on sporadically at games on both sides of the border: Toronto, New York, Edmonton. My impression is that Canadians instigate the majority of it (instigator penalty — match and suspension!) but it’s obnoxious and stupid on both sides.

    Especially in hockey, where almost every team has many players from each country.

  • segacs 03.21.03, 11:56 PM

    Otter, it wasn’t about the sport. It had nothing to do with the hockey. It was about anti-Americanism and opposition to the war in Iraq.

  • Peter Lehrer 03.22.03, 1:41 AM

    I’ve never really met a Canadian who said he/she disliked Americans. I have met people from South Africa and England who did say so. The most anti-americanism that I experienced though was in Israel in 1979. One guy from England said outright that he hated Americans. Most of the South Africans were angry about Carter’s tilt against the apartheid government in S.A. The Israelis weren’t really anti-american but they had a mild contempt for our military prowess, and every one I met told me about some computer program that proved that we would lose a war against the Soviet Union.
    Interestingly enough, this attitude changed after Reagan entered office.

  • Solomon 03.23.03, 2:32 AM

    “It seems Canadians only have compassion for helpless victims, not for strong nations willing to defend the interests of the world.”

    You got that right, and not just Canadians, either.

  • Geoff 03.23.03, 5:54 AM

    Actually, at the beginning of the season, Isles fans booed the Canadian anthem when they played the Leafs, as a reaction to the hatred for Darcy Tucker. As a die-hard Isles fan and American, I was pretty embarrassed. However, it’s somewhat heartening to see that our Canadian “betters” can be just as crass as us Yanks.

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