Surprisingly good editorials


A few surprisingly on-point Gazette editorials today:

Here’s Norman Webster on the Khadr family and Canada’s welcoming of terrorists:

In his book, Cold Terror: How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism Around the World, [author Stuart] Bell sums up: “Canada has tried to smother terrorism with kindness. … It is perhaps a typically Canadian approach. But it is wrong, dead wrong.”

And here’s Ian Mulgrew on Svend Robinson:

The 52-year-old New Democrat MP always has had a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for look-at-me stunts. But this televised mea culpa topped them all. In one stroke, Robinson created the impression he was leaving politics because of serious psychiatric issues, while simultaneously wedging the door open for his return.

And back to hockey, on the national anthem booing saga:

Let’s see what happens tonight when the series resumes in Montreal. We hope those Bell Centre louts who have booed the U.S. anthem in the past will take a cue from the class showed in Boston on Thursday, and at the very least stand in respectful silence.

On that last one, let’s hope there’s no booing at the game tonight at all – whether for an anthem, or for the game itself. Go Habs!

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