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All Eddie as the Leafs shut out the Sens 2-0 tonight. And you just gotta feel bad for Ottawa, cause they absolutely dominated the play, getting all the good scoring chances… gotta be frustrating after a while when you realize you’re trying to score on a brick wall.

In any case, their win tonight puts Toronto in the lead of their series 2-1. Actually, all the Eastern Conference matchups are now in a 2-1 situation. Tampa Bay beat the Islanders tonight to break the tie there. New Jersey beat Philadelphia finally. And Montreal’s win last night put us on the board, but we’re still trailing Boston.

Speaking of Montreal, the media heat’s all over Mike Ribeiro with accusations of crying wolf, after Boston accused him of faking an injury last night. Don Cherry ripped into him relentlessly tonight for being a crybaby. But he was clearly in pain… the close-up showed the trainer doing something that looked like he was snapping his arm back into place. Even I winced. He didn’t practice today, so something’s up. And Ribeiro’s “smirk” at the Boston bench after being helped off the ice – which is what seems to be getting him into trouble – looked a lot more like he was just getting his game face back on to me. Ribeiro has been super all season and he really deserves better than to have the media and fans turn on him now.

And of course, in the ever-continuing shame saga, the US national anthem was booed yet again last night by the Habs crowd. Sure, it was only a minority of people, but it’s really disgusting and unbecoming of a Montreal crowd. If they were booing for political reasons, shame on them; it’s a hockey game. If they were booing for rivalry reasons, shame on them; the visiting team deserves respect. Either way, we ought to show more class than that.

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1 hazak 04.13.04 at 9:31 PM

Whether Ribeiro was acting, or exaggerating we will never know, but he always has that wince/grinning or funny look on his face.

I think he has a bit more respect for himself than to fake an injury.

I didn’t hear what Don Cherry had to say, but who really respects him anymore. Yeah Don, only french canadians and Europeans wear the face masks. Whatever.

At any rate, it will take for someone’s head to be cut off before the refs call a penalty. We need to get rid of the instigator rule (where you get penalized if you seem to start a fight).. there will be less injuries that way. I’d rather see a clean fight than have someone being poked, speared in the stomach, hit on the head from behind (e.g. Bertuzzi), or those knee/hip checks that tend to destroy careers (Cam Neely, an ex-Bruin on less).

Where were all these career-terminating injuries 5, 10, 15 years ago?

BTW, I loved that hit Begin put on Raycroft after the Bruin slashed him on the ankles 😉


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