Game of the Century


Well, maybe that’s overstating things a little. But they couldn’t have scripted it much better than this: Last game of the season, the two biggest NHL rivals in the two biggest hockey cities in the world facing off against one another, winner goes to the playoffs, loser goes to the golf course.

Well, more or less.

If the Habs walk away with 2 points tonight, we head to Buffalo. If the Leafs win, they have to hope that the Islanders lose to New Jersey tomorrow. And the potentially complicating factor is that if the Habs lose in overtime, we still head to the post-season… unless the Isles win tomorrow.

None of that will matter if we win tonight, though. So as grocery stores across the city are full of people lining up to pay for beer and potato chips, and bars get the big screens out and tuned to CBC or RDS, the eyes of the nation will turn to the Air Canada Centre tonight.

Go Habs Go! (And Lose Leafs Lose!)

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