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Notes on a great season

The Habs closed the 2007-08 regular season tonight in a highly appropriate fashion: With a 3-1 win over the hapless Leafs, putting us in first place in the conference, with a chance to stay there if the Pens lose tomorrow, and guaranteeing our first-round match-up against the Bruins, against whom we were 8-0 this season.

With the division title, the possible conference title, the #1 offensive record in the NHL, it’s safe to say that the Canadiens have not only exceeded expectations this season, they’ve knocked everyone’s socks off.

One year ago, the picture was very different. The Habs were fighting for a playoff spot, and needed to beat the Leafs in the final game of the season in order to clinch a spot. The Leafs came back to win that game and the Habs went home dejected. What a difference a year makes!

Now as we head into the post-season, it’s a whole new game where once again, anything can happen. Will our unbeaten streak against the Bruins translate into a first-round win, or will the Bruins fight back? Will Carey Price continue his stellar play, or will his inexperience do him in? Will injuries plague us, or will we get our healthy team back together for a real run? Could this be the Habs’ year to make a real run at the Cup?

Whatever happens in the weeks ahead, here’s a salute to the Canadiens for making the fans and the city proud. Go Habs Go!

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