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I was over at Imshin’s blog and I decided to check out the Hebrew section, where spotted a link to this essay by Scott at AMCTLG.com entitled “The Stand”. It’s one American’s view about why supporting Israel is so important. If it were up to me, it would be required reading:

I stand with Israel. In the endless finger-pointing game of “who shot first? Who stops shooting first?” I point my finger squarely at the Arab world, and wait with Israel for them to make the first real move. I admire Israel, because it is a ridiculously small country with ridiculously brave people.

At this point most other authors would say, “if you don’t agree with me you’d better just skip the rest of this.” I almost did just that. But I changed my mind. If you don’t agree with the sentiments above I want you to read the rest of this very slowly. I want you to understand how stupid and ignorant you are. I want you to understand that being “for Jews but against Israel” is a contradiction that reeks of anti-Semitism. I want you to get so angry your blood fizzes. Because you see that’s how angry I am right now, and I feel like sharing.

Read the rest. Yeah, even you who disagrees. You know who you are.

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1 Hanthala 09.04.03 at 10:16 PM

You mean even you who disagree. Might be hard to believe Sari, but there are more than one of us who disagree both with you and that author.


2 segacs 09.04.03 at 10:29 PM

Actually I have this Slater-esque conspiracy theory that you, “me”, and all the other pro-Palestinian commentators on here are all the same person.


3 Ikram Saeed 09.05.03 at 3:06 PM

Sari — Palestine is southern Syria? The land was empty?

C’mon Sari. There are many excellent defences of Israel out there. I could probably write on the back of a napkin while stoned. The post you linked to was crap, and worse, ahistorical, illogical, overly-emotional crap.

Scott’s defences of Israel will only serve to alienate people from Israel.


4 Hanthala 09.07.03 at 2:23 AM

Right Segacs, and you must be all the Zionists both here and at the Link. OK.


5 angua 09.08.03 at 10:16 PM

Ikram, I’d say Scott’s essay would serve to alienate the people who would tend to be alientated anyway, and serve to bolster the people who’ve already made up their mind anyway. It’s rhetoric, not a history lesson.

But I would pay good money for that napkin.


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