The nameless legal holiday


Monday is a legal holiday, making this weekend one of the most beloved long weekends all year. It’s in springtime, when the weather is often beautiful; it comes at the end of a long winter, and for people who are too busy with Easter or Passover to appreciate the day off in April, it’s the first real holiday since New Year’s.

But nobody can agree on what to call it.

In the rest of Canada, it’s Victoria Day. But us Quebecois would just not stand for a holiday named for a British monarch… so here it used to be known as the Fête de Dollard, after Adam Dollard-des-Ormeaux, namesake of my hometown and controversial historical figure. Too controversial, apparently, because in 2002, the PQ renamed it the Fête des Patriotes, after the Papineau-led Patriotes rebellion of 1837 against the British. But most Quebec Anglos still call it Victoria Day.

So May 24th is now a holiday that is either in honour of the British monarchy, or in honour of a rebellion against it, depending on who you ask. A bit schizophrenic, to be sure.

I say let’s just skip the politics and enjoy the long weekend.

On that note, I’m taking advantage to go on a short road trip, so I’m out of here until Tuesday. Have a good one, everyone!

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1 dj 05.22.04 at 6:39 PM

By ‘schizophrenic’ I presume you mean ‘multiple personality disorder’ and not schizophrenia which is an entirely different disease. 🙂


2 Knave 05.22.04 at 7:28 PM

Don’t be pedantic…

Those schizos are so weird, its like a documentary I saw recently. I think it was called “Me, Myself and Irene”


3 DaninVan 05.23.04 at 12:25 AM

Worry about the distinction when they figure out a cure (for either).


4 Knave 05.23.04 at 4:45 AM

There are many treatments available for schizophrenia. All you need to do is provoke a bit of Parkinson’s disease…


5 DaninVan 05.23.04 at 6:23 PM

No, not a treatment, a cure. Isn’t having a bit of Parkinson’s like being a little bit pregnant?


6 josh 05.24.04 at 6:22 AM

March to Jerusalem/Israeli Street Festival was cool – my first one in about 10years.

Great to see so many people and so many different shades of the Jewish spectrum at one event, side by side – from Magen David Adom, Assoc for Welfare of Soldiers, feygelehs (that’s what they call themselves), peace now, and others.


7 dj 05.24.04 at 10:07 PM

Danivan, first off you can have mild parkinson’s symptoms so yes you can have a bit of Parkinson’s disease. Second, the existence or not of cure makes no difference in terms of categorization. That’s like saying that since we don’t have a cure for metastatic breast cancer or metastic prostate cancer that there is no difference between them.


8 DaninVan 05.25.04 at 3:46 AM

dj; no, not really. It’s like saying “they’ve found a cure for prostate cancer; I’m sure glad that I don’t have breast cancer”. (No, I don’t have ANY of the diseases we’ve touched on…)


9 segacs 05.25.04 at 3:50 AM

Wow, I go away for 3 days and return to a medical debate. Sheesh.


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