Jonas: Women should be flattered to be harassed


People who know me know that I’m not exactly the militant feminist type. I don’t go around looking for patriarchal conspiracies, or getting all worked up over someone calling women “chicks”.

But even I was offended by George Jonas’s latest column in the Gazette last week (no link – I guess even the Gazette was embarrassed), in which he claimed that women should be flattered, not offended, to be groped by Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he’s a good-looking movie star.

Several letter-writers to the Gazette shared my sentiment:

There’s a difference between the kind of sexual advances Schwarzenegger has been accused of and a mere sexual invitation. Hollywood good looks are not a licence to behave inappropriately – and possibly criminally – without repercussions.

I couldn’t agree more. And I can’t believe that Jonas can still get away with publishing such crap. It’s 2003, not 1903, and he – and the paper’s editors – really ought to know better.

I’m not saying Arnold’s guilty. There was an icky feel to the smear campaign that conveniently materialized just days before the recall vote. And didn’t work, I might add. If there’s actual evidence against Arnold, then charge him. If not, he’s innocent unless proven guilty.

But to suggest that a movie star can’t be guilty of sexual harrassment because women would be flattered to be groped by him? That kind of dark ages mentality should have no place in print.

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1 Dr_Funk 10.12.03 at 9:44 AM

Its rather funny how thoroughly this article has disappeared. Jonas usually appears first in the National Post, then in other CanWest papers, like the Gazette. And his columns usually appear on the Post website at this address “online 24 hours after print publication”.


2 segacs 10.12.03 at 4:27 PM

They also usually appear on his personal site, too. And it’s not there either. I guess he’s really ashamed of it.


3 Hanthala 10.12.03 at 6:59 PM

Ha! He was just trying to upset women and it worked. Kinda like the crap he writes on Palestine and Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims. Provocation. But looks like women’s complaints are paid attention to…at least when they are not specifically Arab or Muslim.


4 segacs 10.13.03 at 4:33 PM

And once again, Hanthala proves himself incapable of talking about ANYTHING without bringing in Palestine . . .


5 Hanthala 10.14.03 at 6:30 AM

Its relevant. Jonas’ writing is right-wing claptrap. But he screwed up with this one.


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