La Presse nominates Arafat as person of the year


The local French newspaper La Presse has nominated Yasser Arafat as “person of the year” for 2003 (via Jay, among others):

Yasser Arafat a marqué l’actualité internationale en 2003. Il a légué une partie de ses pouvoirs à un premier ministre; il a proposé de nombreux cessez-le-feu et a encouragé les pourparlers pour faire avancer la paix au Proche-Orient, tout en se faisant officiellement menacer de mort par l’état israëlien. Pour son courage et sa ténacité à vouloir faire avancer la cause de son peuple envers et contre tout, Cyberpresse le nomme Personnalité de l’année 2003, Catégorie Politique (Monde).

Is this some kind of sick joke???

It would be one thing if he was nominated in a “newsmaker of the year” category or something, where any newsworthy person, good or evil, can win. But to be nominated for his “courage and tenacity”??? For “advancing the cause of his people”??? Either April Fool’s came early this year, or I’m living in the twilight zone!

It’s no wonder Quebec is the most pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist province in Canada, when people get their news from papers like La Presse. And La Presse is a bastion of balance next to Le Devoir.

I suggest e-mailing La Presse’s news editors at or to let them know what you think of this disgusting award.

Update: A day later, the award page was removed. No explanation, no apology, just disappeared from the Internet as if it never happened.

If anyone has a hard copy of the December 8th La Presse, hang onto it, lest the moronic editors try to pretend that they never lauded Arafat.

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1 Jay Sokoloff 12.12.03 at 9:07 PM

Well they must have gooten a ton of e-mail as the page has been withdrawn.
The new candidate is Zahra Kazemi. The new link is as follows,5698,0,122003,520788.shtml


2 segacs 12.13.03 at 7:04 AM

Zahra Kazemi was listed previously as well – different category. She didn’t replace Arafat. But Arafat’s name seems to have been removed from the list. Typical – no explanation, no apology, no acknowledgment… just pretend it never happened.


3 joe 12.14.03 at 1:04 AM

Anyone notice the name on the email circulating around? Con-U’s very own Bram Freedman! Was this the guy unbiasedly dealing with the Sept. 9 cases?


4 segacs 12.15.03 at 7:50 PM

Another conspiracy theory, Joe? It’s all the jooooooooos’ fault? What exactly is your point, anyway? I never got an e-mail from Bram Freedman, but what does it matter who sent it? The point is what La Presse wrote.


5 William Deker 08.25.04 at 6:04 PM

Who would you nominate as person of the year? Ariel Sharon? Given the choice, anyone who had any REAL knowledge of what happens to innocent palestinians everyday in that corner of the world, would agree with me, and vote for Yasser Arafat. Pretty ignorant of you to generalize Quebec as an anti-zionist province…Maybe they should be…


6 igor 08.29.04 at 6:45 AM

hey willie, fuck your “innocent” paleswininans
get some education at


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