Landry sticks foot in mouth yet again


Bernard foot-in-mouth Landry is in trouble again, this time over a comment he made that is being viewed as insulting to women:

Yesterday as a three-day policy convention of his Parti Québécois to prepare for the coming election wound to a close, Landry was caught by a Radio-Canada camera saying he would rather meet with the chairman of Sun Life than with women’s groups. Landry’s words were captured as he reluctantly voted for a resolution calling for a law requiring that 50 per cent of candidates in an election be women.

“It’s for the women’s groups,” Jocelyne Gadbois, a member of the PQ executive, explained to Landry.

Landry turned to Gadbois and said, “I would rather meet the chairman of Sun Life.”

In 1978, shortly after the National Assembly adopted the PQ’s Bill 101, the Charter of the French Language, Sun Life moved its head office from Montreal to Toronto, saying it couldn’t work with the language law.

This barely a month after his “birdbrain” comment got him in trouble with poverty groups.

It seems to me that if the PQ wants to win this election, they need to muzzle Landry and lock him up.

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1 Damian P. 03.11.03 at 12:17 AM

It seems to me that if the PQ wants to win this election, they need to muzzle Landry and lock him up.

Shhhhh! Don’t give them any ideas!


2 James 03.11.03 at 1:26 AM

You know, there’s a long way to go yet, but my going-in feeling of this election really is one of the old-guard PQ’s last stand.

I was pretty surprised when Landry got kicked up to the head of the PQ to begin with, if only because of how much he resembled Parizeau in terms of political background, outlook, and so on. Which, I suppose, was meant to be a nice change from Lulu, but still, why go with the knock-off when the original has already let you down? Before the famous referendum night speech, Landry was probably ahead of Parizeau for, uh, questionable soundbites.


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